Orchestral Theme 2

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This is something commissioned for a game that will be released on the Xbox 360 as downloadable content. It's doubling over as a contest submission for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match. Hopefully it passes the test.

The idea behind this loop is that it swells and contracts. If you notice there are a number of buildups that lead into sections that start with just a few instruments. This helped keep the loop progressing while not really having a true climax in the song, which was what was wanted. So there isn't one major climax, but rather a lot of "mini" climaxes as I like to call them.

Hope you enjoy this little loopy. :-)



McNally Smith

This is the worst example of orchestral music I've ever heard of it. When I was 14 I went to a music club in my school and I learned how to make music there and I know that this is not good because I have been trained in music classically. There are no arpeggios in this song, because it is not good. Why are you making music when you have not been trained? you need to go to music class and get a GED.

Listen to my music to see what I mean, you will hear arpeggios and things that are classical, because our music is educated. You have no musical education and it is apparent in your scores. There is no reason for this to be on the weekly five, this should sound more like heaven rd because that is real music, this is not good music. Try sidechaining the bongo drums. There are no signs that you even produced this outside of garage band, it sounds like some amateur R&B music that was created by a man who thought he could rap. Why do you even bother uploading this? I think you have potential, please do not get me wrong, because I think you are capable of making good dance music, but you can barely hear the bass drum in this and because of that it is not good music because you are not equalizing anything. Please lower the volume on the string instrument that I hear. I do not know what it is called.

Like I said, I think you have potential, and also I am classically trained because I went to school for music and you are a good musician at heart but you NEED TRAINING!!! Please consider this, because you could be a hero if you tried. Maybe. I think you should keep praciticing (captain) and you will have synthesizors. I know that they are expensive because they are electric but you will see that they sound much better than acoustic instruments like chell-o's and bases.

Also, what drum kit did you get your clap sound from? I want that vst because it is good for dance music, but not for this MIDI-sounding music.

Anyway, keep pracitcing, and diagnose our music to learn more and you will see how structure and music theory is becoming of you. Do you know?


Gravey responds:

Sounds like something Helth would say.



ive listened to your other music and this one is the same as the rest HOLY CRAPIN FREAKIN AWESOME! JEEZ, i dont know how, BUT KEEP MAKIN THEM!

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Gravey responds:

Thank you much.


How can your music be so epic?

This pwns pretty much anything I've heard here in Newgrounds! :O

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Gravey responds:

Wow, thanks a lot. Much appreciated.



Good shit. Both 1 and 2. Keep up the good work hombre 10/10

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Gravey responds:

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you found them enjoyable. :-)


Army of the dead. Rejoice, ATTACK!

Awesome, it makes me think about Left 4 Dead.
I really like it, it probably took you lot's of work.
This whould fit really well in a scary movie where people are running from people!

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Gravey responds:

Mmmmmmm....I could see that as well. :-)


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