Dragon Flight - BK

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Wow there is alot to be said about this piece, so i will organize my commentary.

(Since 0 Bombers usually only read the top of the commentary, below is posted as such)

To O Bombers: You can go trip off a cliff, you are scum of the earth who take the easy idiotic way out of life. You are doing a great job of dragging the world down with yourself. Simpletons....

Genre: Classical Electronica

Artist's Touch: Thick bass, solos, and breakbeats

Structure: Soft violin intro with hiphop beat, transition to piano intro, transition to bass and synth entrance, transition to 3/4 time, transition back to 4/4, transition back to main melody, small breakdown leading into the climax with all instruments and original piano piece, ending with original piano piece.

Sorry for the buzz on the piano's high notes, this is due to the quality drop i had to make to post on the site. At around 10 MB i had no quality issues.

Creation of: This piece took about a weeks worth of composing, listening, editing, EQ, volume adjustment, and layering. This song started as a classical piano style piece and then i added my own personal touches (I will upload the classical piano piece onto NG also). After the song was basically finished i decided to add some variety. The 3/4 section was not in the original composition, but i thought it would be a nice change of pace and challenge me. The transition between the two time signatures was not easy. I had to separate each instrument, change the rhythm slowly, and write a transition melody for all of the instruments when entering and exiting. That section, although short, took a great amount of editing.

To Respectful Listeners: Thank you so much for your time, votes, reviews, and support. I hope you enjoyed the piece as much as i did writing it :). God Bless :D!

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hey man

i got this song aaaageeesss ago and was listenin to it on ma ipod earlier and so i went on NG for like the first time in ages. i see uve still been makin music, good on ye ill chek out ur lastest stuff and matbe write a review (if i can be bothered sorry)

NGADM G2 Round 4

Very good. Its definetely insanely complex, with intricate patterns and drums mixing together to give a fantastic experience. I particularly loved the piano part, but im sorry that it had a slight buzzy sound to it, as this became a bit too annoying at times and prevented me from enjoying the song. The drums were great, with a nice varied beat which wasnt too overpowering or too faint. The clap was a bit too high pitched at times and this tended to get annoying a bit. Depth and bass were decent, although some more bass would be nice. Harmonizing was great, with no discordancies that i could hear. Transitions were as smooth as ice. I didnt like the outro much though as its a bit too abrupt for my tastes.But overall, Nice work!

Intro/Outro = 0.5/1
Blend = 2/2
Mel./Transition = 3/3
Drums + Bass = 1/2
Originality = 2/2

-Review Request Club-

P.S Your judging reviews from the NGADM G2 Round 4.

Good use of piano and effects

I like this piece and the way that the piece is carried forward on the back of the piano, kind of in a symbolic fashion of how the dragon carries someone on their back in flight.

I think that there is a great deal of work that has been done with all of the effects here. You've clearly gone overboard with the effects and different sounds that the synths can produce to get the desired sound in this piece.

Perhaps it could have been shortened slightly, giving some sort of sound for the dragon taking off and landing at either end, this might make it loop better, who knows?

[Review Request Club]

Review Request Club

...Generally, I don't know what to think about this piece, either. But in a vaguely good way. Like Haggard said, it was a little tricky to just settle into the piece, just because there was so much going on and so much changing. You definitely got the unique part of this down, so kudos for that.

I liked the use of synths, although sometimes they overpowered the piano a little. I liked the transition between 4/4 and 3/4, though to me it felt more like 4/4 to 6/8, or crotchets in 4/4 to triplet quavers still in 4/4, though that could have just been how I was listening to the piece.

The transitions in general were nicely done, and you've got a nice set of melodies. The amount of transitions mean that this doesn't get repetitive, which is always a nice thing to hear in the NG portal. At points I think the string sounds could have been a little more present, but then again I do like the bits where the string is quieter and you can appreciate the piano more.

The piano, ahhh...I get the file limit is annoying, but I'd say you really need to find a way to upload this without the piano having that buzz, because it is really distracting, especially at the end where there's nothing else beneath it to mask the sound. That's the one major irk of this track for me is that buzz, so if you could find any way to get this uploaded without that without going over the file size, it'd be awesome.

-Review Request Club


I liked the song, it's pretty cool, the beat is nice, I liked the Hip Hop intro, it was very nice, since the piano fitted very much with the drums and the main beat...

I have nothing to say about it, it has a nice beat, the instruments fitted very well to the beat, and I think it has a very cool lenght, it's perfect for this kind of song. I also liked the piano solo, it was very beautiful, but I sitll think the song is missing something...

Anyways, the music was pretty nice, and I really liked it, keep it up, man, you have potential... Nice!!

(Review Request Club)

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4.68 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
4:06 AM EDT
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