Just Hold On (Dream Remix)

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Remix Of Just hold On by Zircon

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Review Request Club

I got to about 30 seconds in and then had to pause. I...really don't get what you've done here at all. It sort of sounds like you made the remix, then added in a few random distortion effects and emulators for fun, and then accidentally exported it like that. Everything seems out and distorted, and there's no real cohesion save for the fact that everything seems like it's several feet underwater.

There's...some good ideas here? The voice starts to sound quite ethereal and you've got a good drum in there...god knows you've got a good coverage of the mid-lo frequencies...but the sound of it completely wrecks this, it just doesn't make sense at all. This definitely needs a second look just to work out why everything sounds so distorted and why both frequencies you're using are so occupied by all this stuff. That and the lack of ending is quite odd.

It's alright, there's some good ideas in here, but as a remix it really doesn't work, to be quite frank.

-Review Request Club

DXsamurai responds:

thanks for the review but damnit i already got a review from the Review Request Club.
stop already. I get it damn distortion. ok


-Either there was some uploading problem or this was mixed awfully. It's distorted the whole way through. I really doubt that was on purpose since it makes it sound so bad. Also what was up with chopping the ending off? There isn't a solid ending to the song. It just abruptly ends and leaves me guessing.

I can't tell if it needs work for the most part though since there is an audio problem as stated before. It's off alignment or has some awful distortion.

Review Request Club

DXsamurai responds:

thanks for the review but damnit i already got a review from Review Request Club.

Not for me.

So you've nicked the melody from the FL demo song? Not the most original idea. The melodic parts sort of make this song and they're not your own. I like the new direction you've taken it in, it sounds a little bit like Morcheeba or The Herbalizer, but the sound is horrible. You've also got a really random cut at the end of the song which I don't like. It hasn't been finished off, you just chopped it.

You've near enough completely packed out the middle and bass. There's no treble and the sounds are constantly swirling between both channels which creates this dizzying effect. Have you just put a Leslie cabinet emulation over the master output or something? It's really weird. There's all this noisy distortion coming from somewhere too. It's not clipping but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I like some of the parts you've added and you've made the vocals sit quite well timing wise, you just have to concentrate on your mixing a little more.

Review Request Club.

DXsamurai responds:

yo thanks for the review, i get what you are saying. i'll try better next take. as for the distortion i'm not sure about that.


Very nice percussion, enough going on to keep my intrest throughout. Like the way the vocal fits in there.

dreaming of vomiting

good song, kinda funky, but it sounds kind of nauseous. still, good job on mixing it and otherwise not bad.

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Mar 12, 2010
3:14 PM EST
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