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On This Dark Day

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I think I am really beginning to enjoy the whole distorted badass drum things. This is a quick theme for a level in a game that's being made. The inspiration was the whole wastelands thing again, which I seem to be fond of lately. Also, epic solo! Anyways, enough of my tired ramblings; enjoy, and thanks for listening.

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This composition is so great...
pure attitude and the solo... just outstanding
(did you use the haken continuum board???)

when can we play the videogame???

callitsleep89 responds:

Thanks for the review. I didn't actually use the haken continuum. What I did, was use the arpeggios as a backing track, then improvised a guitar solo over it. And since I wanted to use a synth and not a guitar, I then transcribed the solo and programmed it in manually.

And as for the game, I have no idea. I made the music, but no game has yet been posted and I haven't been contacted about it further.


A reaaaaallly relaxing song.... oh yea

The City Of Shadows

(The Player awakens in a courtyard. Surrounded by burnt out buildings and bones of those that have fallen. The sky is an ashy black with an ominous red sun setting behind the dark silhouette of burning hills in the distance) - (The player pulls himself to his feet and gazes at the destruction and death that surrounds him)

Player: where am I?
(A hooded woman steps forward through the skeletal remains of a manor house)
Hooded Woman: You do not recognize your own home?
P: What?! this is Licentia, what happened to it?!
HW: It was crushed by the hammer of war. I have brought you here, Thirteen years in the future to show you what remains of the greatest city in all of Terran.
P: How did this, happen?
HW: Three years ago the King felt he was growing weak as a leader. With peace having lasted millennia he feared a great war would soon erupt and without an army to defined Licentia it would crumble from the first arrow that was slung. In a fit of paranoia he sent out his best men to discover possible threats to his rule and his home. The men returned with but one item. A golden sphere from the darkest corner of Terran. It was engraved with an ancient language caved into it by hands that had long disappeared . The king, over time with help from his translators deciphered the mysterious sphere that, unbeknown to them carried a great curse. The king began to read the text (Thou who reads shall awaken thy army to cleanse the land of all whom have inhabited it. A thousands years of darkness with pave the way for peace. This land will start over, once again) as soon as he had finished a feeling of dread consumed him. The Earth began to shake as an army swept over the land and engulfed all that existed. Man fought hard against the scourge but drowned under the wave of evil. This land is all that remains of a once great kingdom.
P: Why have you shown me this?
HW: You are the only one who can stop this evil from ever being born. You are the only hope for this world. You are the chosen one.

(The hooded woman vanishes) - (Suddenly the player is surrounded by shadows clawing themselves towards him, they reach out to grab him but in the last second the player awakens in his bed) ( A whisper echoes in his room)

You must save this world. Meet me at the Valley of Guidance and I will show you your true path


This songs gives a nice post-apocalyptic feel, which corresponds with you wanting that whole wasteland atmosphere. I think the latter half of your song kind of ruined the atmosphere you set in the intro, but oh well ^_^ nice song!

it good

im geting down to this

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Feb 28, 2010
6:04 AM EST
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