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Life of the Butterfly

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Author Comments

EDIT AGAIN: Sorry for all of these edits. I added a little side melody to the beginning, and modified the bells and chimes. :) Thanks to everyone for your constructive criticism, which has allowed me to make this song better! :D Make sure to turn this thing up to hear it better!

So, yeah. I woke up this morning, and I said to myself, "I want to make a song." And now, after all of those hours, here it is....maybe not completely finished, but done enough for now. The idea was to keep the same melody throughout the whole thing, as the song changes mood. Sorry it's short, but I figured it would really annoy people if I kept going on. This is a story of one's life, from birth to death, and I thought that it reminded me the most of a butterfly, hence the name. Enjoy, Newgrounders. Sorry for my long absence. I hope to be more active here in the coming months. :)



I truly didn't think I'd find a classical here on Newgrounds. I'm glad I found your track here. Has a good flow, though I noticed a few peaks that seem a slight bit off. Mostly at about 00:28 with the suddenly fast piece. It fits, but maybe just a little tone down, not much, but i can tell this hit the red in the audio scale. Nothing else to critique about it, other than I hope to see more classic music from you :)

Overall its soothing and it certainly gave me a smile on a bad work day :D

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Jessismith responds:

Hey thank you, Markmoonedge, for the helpful and also inspiring comment. I've edited this a bit today....it sounds a bit better now, in my opinion. I promise to make lots more classical pieces after this. Thanks again. :)

That's what I like to hear. :D

Seemed off.

The point of reviewing is to be honest so honestly I didn't like how it sounded overall. It had great moments and potential but it seemed to have really sharp sections that didn't blend too smoothly together and was a bit juttered.
I did like each part by itself, and your voice redeems it and makes up for the other bits that lacked. I'd love to hear a piano version of it and look forward to your next contribution.

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Jessismith responds:

Thanks Leech. It's nice to have friends who are honest, but not too harsh. :) I agree....I could have done a better job mixing it....I probably should have turned stuff up loud just so I could hear it in my crappy speakers. But oh well....maybe one day I'll get around to editing it....but only maybe. Thanks again, buddy. :)

Love it

Oh man! I love this! You did an incredible job!!

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Jessismith responds:

Thank you. :)

Very cool.

I thought the violin at the start might have been too loud, but by the time the cello comes in at 0:07 that thought goes out the window. Really nice harmonies between the two instruments, especially around the 0:14 area. I don't...really know what it is at 0:16-0:18, but it sounds like something has a bit too much reverb, or an instrument isn't pronounced enough. To the point where it's kind of sitting in between "working really well as a kind of ethereal thing" and "muddy sounding". I'd be more precise, but I can't work out why I think it sounds like that. Maybe just take another listen yourself and decide whether it's just me or whether something needs editing a little.
I love the addition of the harp at 0:22, but the start of the violin arpeggio at :28 is too loud. Cool, but too loud for me. Though the run-down between 0:31 and 0:32 is pure awesome.
The kinda refrain after 0:43 is perfect. nice harmonies, nice melodies, nice ambience in general.
The percussion around the 0:58 mark could use turning down a little, simply because the other instruments involved aren't very loud themselves and the percussion kinda cuts into them a little.
The voice accompaniment is AWESOME. Especially at the 1:26 where it takes more of a solo-type feel. The sliding between the notes there (And as well with one of the instruments before) kind of give it a little touch of an eastern vibe, which is a nice surprise.
All in all, I really like it. It's got a good ethereal quality, with enough extra additions to make it the kind of thing you can listen to again and again. Could use a little bit of fine tuning, but apart from that it was well worth listening to. 10'd, 5'd.

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Jessismith responds:

Wow! Thanks for the such an in-depth review, Animith! It's not too often I get those. Now, I am not sure exactly what the reverb thing you were talking about could be. I used the same reverb on the master track for the whole piece. Maybe you're thinking of the chime effect? I probably should turn that up, so that's a good observation.
Alright, I should turn down the violin arpeggio. I only turned it up because I couldn't hear it on my bad speakers. Thanks. Yeah, I meant for 43 and after to be a nice ambient segment. Glad it worked out. And yeah, that beat does seem a bit loud after 58....I'll turn it down a notch. Thank you...I suppose my voice is more of the mid-east variety. :) Thanks again for the review, and I'll make sure to work on fine tuning it some more. Cheers!


I can feel every moment of this beautiful creature that is the butterfly.
Delicate, yet fragile. I have a second mental image though, like I'm traveling through some enchanted woods and I encounter a fairy entity (no I'm not a Zelda freak xD).
I wonder what program did you use though, as I'm pretty interested with the vocal samples you used ('cos you used samples... right?)

Anyway, good job and keep up ^^

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Jessismith responds:

Thank you! Nah, that's alright. It was meant to have enchanting undertones. Also, it would properly suit fairies. I used FL Studio 9, and the vocal samples were my own voice, layered for a choir, and then I sort of wailed in the end. :)
Thanks again.

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4.26 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2010
11:21 PM EST
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