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<EagleGuard> Frozen Forests

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Author Comments

Howdy people,

This time I decided to make a very calm, soothing song. I put quite a bit of effort in it to make it sound as good as possible. I hope you guys like it as well :)

Please rate and review, and let me know if there's something I should improve.

Thanks in advance :)

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Truly Relaxing

You know the scene in Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, where Frodo and his party meet Galadriel after Gandalf dies? This song reminds me of that forest, and an elf sitting on a branch watching over the river.

EagleGuard responds:

I've seen it, and yeah, it does remind me a bit of it too.

Thanks for the review!


Someone sits in the boughs of a tree and stares out over the forest canopy, watching the early morning mist dissipate. They are one with the forest and their mind wanders slightly away from their earthy body, allowing them a chance to feel the life within the forest itself.

I'm not a fan of the tambourine here, but the woodwind instrument that yu are leading with just seems magnificent, and I'd have gone for a more natural sounding "wooden" or "hide" drum, that would have given a much more fitting percussion accompaniment here. Just to keep with the nautural feeling of the piece.

[Review Request Club]

EagleGuard responds:

Nice introduction you've written down there :P

About the drums, I guess tastes differ. I think the tambourine sounds good enough, but I'll think about putting in other, more "natural" drum effects in other songs in the future.

Thanks for the review :)


I hate to review a submission just after Supersteph reviewed it. Always makes my reviews look so tiny and shitty, lol.

Anyway, this is an amazing piece of art. I liked it from the very beginning. How soft it sounds and how it just sounds awesome... it's hard to create so quiet pieces without them sounding too set back or too boring.
But this song sounds just right. Quiet, calm but interesting.

I like how the melodies kind of "float" in this song. They seem to hover just above the background music and this creates a very nice medival atmosphere.

Nice work!

{ Review Request Club }

EagleGuard responds:

Glad you liked it! Don't worry, I'm happy with every review I get :)

Thanks for the review!


This seriously sounds really good, and I definitely enjoyed listening to it. What I liked was how you managed combine a forest feeling to a cold and snowy feeling. Good stuff.

The melodies are amazing, especially the harp's melodies, and the flute was out of this world. I think the flute gave a sort of 'nature' feeling to this, and sounded very eerie, in a good way :D. 0:56 was a cool harp part, and when it got to the end, the song really picked up and I enjoyed listening to it even more. Perhaps you could add some more background depth to this, such as more strings, and maybe even some louder/more brass or choirs. Right now, a few parts feel slightly empty for some reason and I think this could really do with some more depth.

Also, I noticed a few discordant parts in this. It could just be me, since I'm unexperienced in music, but I noticed some parts which sounded a little off and discordant, such as the part at 0:35 where I think the harp didn't fit too well with the flute. Again, it could just be me and my non-musical ears, so I won't reduce any points for that. Also, this has a very good amount of alternate melodies, giving the song more variety and making it more fun to listen to, so great job!\

As for the instruments, they were awesome quality. As I said above though, this needs a few more instruments, such as some women choirs to give more of a cold, winter feel (PM me if you want an excellent choir VST). Other than that, the instruments' quality was superb. Just one issue I'm having with your instruments, that could just be my horrible speakers, but I think that some of the instruments need EQing, mainly the harp, which had some higher notes clipping a little. To pinpoint an example, take the third harp note from the song. There are many more examples, but that's the first to come up in the song. Could just be your harp sample though. Anyway, instrument choice was awesome. The strings gave the song some cool suspense, and the flute was a very nice addition, plus the harp evoked an excellent atmosphere. I think your strings need to be a bit louder, though. Also, some forest sound effects would do wonders in this submission ;).

The transitions are really smooth and perfectly executed, IMO. No transition felt abrupt, and the song flowed smoothly ^^. All instruments were introduced very well, and there were some nice buildups in the song, although a more gradual buildup at the beginning would've been cool, such as maybe first making the harp only play, then add the strings, then add some other instrument, and then add the flute, or something like that, instead of starting with the harp and strings and then introduce the flute a few seconds after.

The song structure is superb, and among one of the best classical song structures I've heard in a while. As for the variety, it's also out of this world, which is why I never get tired listening to this song. Awesome job. Intro, as I said above, needs a better buildup, but other than that, using the harp was a nice way to start the song. As for the ending, you had a good idea on how to end it, but I'll have to agree with Joshsouza that you should expand the ending a little more. Maybe keep the final arpeggio at 2:10 keep going higher for another four notes, and then, with a ritardando, the song ends on the final harp note you did at 2:15. Also, the ending needs a bit more silence, IMO.

As for the drums, there aren't many drums, but what there was really impressed me. Very nice tambourine work, it was so fitting in this song, and the timpani gave the song some nice depth. The cymbal was also good for some transitions, and the samples sound very good. The drums were also just the right volume too, and were well varied. Good job with the percussion! :)

Other than a few nitpicks, I think this is a very good song, which has loads and loads of potential. I hope you keep up your good work, you're an excellent composer, and sorry if some parts in my review didn't make sense. I'm in a bit of a hurry =/. Great job, keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

EagleGuard responds:

That's gotta be the longest review I've ever seen on Newgrounds. Thanks for taking your time to write it!

I was thinking about putting instruments like choirs in in the first place, but in the end I thought it would be a bit too much if I did that. I can't use VST's, by the way, as I'm using Reason 4 to make my music (I have cubase though, although I don't like using it that much)

The part at 0:35 sounds right in my ears :) It could be your speakers (I use headphones by the way)

I'll think about the ending, the instruments and the sound effects. Perhaps I'll make an extended edition in the future.

Thanks for the awesome review, it's much appreciated!


I liked the beat and how the music got different in many ways and WOULD work if you were in a forest covered with snow but the nature and the way it feels was really good.

It had a nice ending to it but it had kind of an abrupt ending because it just stopped all of the music and had the little ending for a couple seconds. I think you should make that ending part a little longer.

I feel really sorry that this got zero bombed because this was a pretty good piece and even I can't making something like this! Anyways, sorry for reviewing so late when I clearly said I would get right to it but oh well. I really liked how it was like life in the forest and felt like there was animals hopping around in the dense forest.

The instruments you picked were awesome and really fit in like the tambourine that came every couple of beats which is what I liked and I STILL have this stuck in my head from the only 1 time I listened to it!

Overall I thought this was great and I think you should fix the ending a bit but I thought this was really cool!

(Review Request Club)

EagleGuard responds:

I'm glad you liked it! I'll think about what you said about the ending.

I'm sorry it got stuck in your head :P

Thanks for the review!

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4.82 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2010
3:12 PM EST
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2 min 18 sec

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