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CKC - Desert Child

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Author Comments


Short one made in rush
(o )

Samples taken from the theme of a film i forgot..

but it sounded pretty good when i heard so i thought, "yh why not"

Here listen...


-¦- CKC -¦-

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Rush work is good work

For something you said you made in a rush, this is very good work. 10/10

CKC2009 responds:


I absolutely love this

I wrote down what came to mind when hearing this.

My eyes began to flicker open as the darkness that was once my vision diluted and became a brilliant light. The light shone its warmth over my helmet which in turn pierced my dust covered visor. I let out a cough as my lungs shook with life. My ears were immediately kissed by the sound of a solitary wind cascading over my body. For a second I lay still, I took a long inhale and felt my lungs expand with the stale humid air that surrounded me. Slowly my limp body regained its strength as I rolled onto my side, as I did I wiped my glass visor with my two fingers and exhaled. As my sight though the visor became clear my pupils began to constrict from the light. With my body slowly awakening from its forced slumber I felt a sharp pain on my left side. I moved my hand downward until I came to a small patch of blood that had soaked through my clothing. Lifting my hand back up to my eye line I pulled myself up into a sitting position. Peering downward hesitantly I gazed at the wound. Before me was a small hole. The hole went through my breastplate and into my left side. The wound seemed to be throbbing, as with every breath I took the hole enlarged then became smaller. I fell backward onto the ground in pain and tilted my head to the side. My eyes then became fixated on Sarah. Her helmet had been cracked and as a result I could see into her eyes through my visor. I lifted myself up and let out a painful groan as my entire body seemed to creek into life. Holding my side I crawled over to her body and placed my hands around her head "Sarah!" My voice cracked and became frail as fear began to dart through my body. I unstrapped my helmet and threw it to the ground. I then slowly took off Sarah's helmet. I stared downward at her dusty brown face which was speckled with red droplets. I began to wipe the dirt from her forehead when her eyes slowly opened.
"Jacob, is that you?"
"Yeah Sarah, It's me" I replied in a reassuring tone
"You look like shit Jacob" Sarah whimpered as I took hold of her hand.
"You don't look too good yourself Sarah" I replied softly trying to hold back my emotion.
"So, how bad is it?" She asked. I looked down at my other gloved hand. It was stained with a dark red fluid seeping from a gaping tear in Sarah's armour. Trying to hide my sudden recognition of this fatal injury I smiled and looked into her eyes
"It's just a scratch" I said hesitantly "You can walk this off." There was a pause before Sarah creased her lips and smiled. She seemed to realise her time was short and her life was now seeping onto the earth. Her face became pale and her hand began to shake.
"Jacob" Sarah began "I never got to tell you this, but you are one hell of a soldier..." With her other hand Sarah reached into her pocket and pulled out something. She lifted it up and placed it my hand then rolled my fist over it with hers, thus preventing me seeing what she had given me. She took one last breath and finished her sentence"...but you are an even better friend, and it's been an honour to stand beside you in battle" As slowly as they had opened her eyes began to close. Opening my fist I tilted my head downward, in my hand was the necklace I gave Sarah when I first met her, inscribed with the words 'All powers are within you, you can do anything and everything' Wiping away the tear that has escaped down my cheek I stood up. I had lost everything; I was alone in this empty desolate valley, surrounded only by the dead. The deceased of friends and foes alike strewn across the land. The silence was alien to me, it was terrifying, and it was the realisation of knowing I was the only one left. With my strength fading I fell to my knees, clutching the necklace. I took one last breath and turned onto my back. In my last breath I whispered the words "I'll be there soon Sarah"

CKC2009 responds:


Love it

I can't stop listening to it. It touches my heart :)

CKC2009 responds:

im glad..



CKC2009 responds:


Pretty good

Quite good... sounds like something from Avatar!

Add to my 'Other Listening' playlist.

The bass is a bit of a strange match with the gentle melody. I suggest taking on a percussion with a longer feel.

Good job!

CKC2009 responds:

Avatar? hmm

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4.60 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2010
1:34 PM EST
File Info
3.2 MB
2 min 48 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.