Ganondorf's War

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This piece of music has now been officially dedicated to mr-jazzman.

I wrote this music with both the setting and the theme of Zelda in mind. I made the song from scratch including re-writing the original Zelda Main Theme.

Dost thou like it?


Very well done, I like it and toward gravey, I liked your music but didnt realize your were such a jerk to people? Really? How about not being so rude and just giving some helpful advice. *shakes head* Anyways Bosa keep up the good work as your music is amazing. Dont let Gravey get you down, even though I know the comment is old, still felt like saying something.

Bosa responds:

We have to forgive and forget.

Catchy enough for the rest of Newgrounds...

gravey sounds pretty hypocritical. calling someone very whiney preachy and self righteous...lol maybe Jon Babb changed what he wrote but it looks like its the other way around.

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Thy self doth like.

But I don't want to over play it and ruin good music. *Gasps*


Gravey, to be honest you sound like a dick. Next time just say that it's good or bad and be done. We done need you lengthy crap to explain why.

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To be honest, you come off as very whiny, preachy, and self righteous in your author's comments. Next time just say, "I wrote this" and be done. The rest of what you said was a bunch of whiny garbage that had absolutely nothing to do with the song.

As for the piece itself, I find it highly unimaginative. It's a bunch of brass and percussion hits congruent with spiccato strings hitting on the offbeat between those. Doesn't really do much other than that really, and considering the quality of your samples you should be able to do much better.

Now I know, this is a simple remix of a Zelda song, which kind of goes back into my unimaginative comment. This is boring, even for a remix really. What have you done here that really distinguishes it from the original? I'm no big gamer really, but I've played Zelda once or twice and I know that this doesn't really push the boundaries at all in terms of remixes.

The vocals you recorded for this are awful. Flat out awful. I'm not sure what you were drinking when you recorded the vocals but they are flat out bad and should be fixed. First off, lower them in the mix. They are way too loud in the mix and really get in the way of the song itself. Scond, I would add some reverb and maybe filter them slightly just to make them sound more distant. You know, give it a spacial effect. It would really help them out a lot.

Or you could just get rid of them. That would probably make more sense really. They just don't fit at all.

There just is nothing that fascinating about this song. The composition isn't that great, which in my opinion is pretty consistent with Zelda games. So considering it's a remix I can't hold that against you too much, but then again I can because you remixed a really dull piece and it came off just as dull if not more so than the original.

So what could you do overall to make this better? I would actually create some sort of a distinguished melody line. Video game music typically lacks a true melody because it is background music. They want you focusing on the game, not the music. Thus the music is often lacking in terms of melody, and this song lacks that definitely. Add a melody that is halfway catchy and interesting to listen to. Right now this just lacks anything for the listener to really catch onto.

Also, do something with the percussion. All it does for the most part is land on the downbeat (just like those brass hits.) Congrats, I got the idea. There is something big and bad and it is going to try to eat me. Thus epic downbeat facepalming throughout the entire song, which gets rather obnoxious after a while. Maybe you should try varyinng the percussion so it does something other than land on 1-2-3-4 all the time. Or lets be honest, on 1-3-1-3 all the time. For the most part this song lives on beats 1 and 3. Which once again kind of gets back into the unimaginative angle I've been talking about in this review. Just 1-3-1-3-1-3-1-3 omg let me guess, the next section will be hitting me in the face on beats 1 and 3? Oh I'm psychic! *Sigh* there I go again mixing sarcasm with critical judgements on a song. But then again, if you got facepalmed on beats 1 and 3 for over 5 minutes you might be a bit sarcastic in your review as well.

There is just so much that could be done with this. It's a good foundation at the moment. But if I had the quality gear you are obviously working with I wouldn't be halfway done with it yet.

3/5 and 6/10 overall.


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