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HoT#6 - Demons of the Elements

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Author Comments

"The Hero of Time" Soundtrack Release #6:
Demons of the Elements

for the film "The Hero of Time" by BMB Finishes
Website: http://www.theherooftime.

Music Composed by George R. Powell

Another piece that will not appear in the Official Soundtrack Release, "Demons of the Elements" was originally going to be cut from the score. It was composed for a certain scene and rejected, but was later used for a different scene as well as the November 2008 trailer.

Because it was rejected back in its time, the piece's mix was never finalized, so what you're hearing is a rough MIDI cut of the piece, run through the VSTi's but without any finalizing EQs and mastering. However, because the piece was redone for the scene it was originally intended for, the first 38 seconds of this piece you will hear again in the Official Soundtrack release, as we kept that much in and I changed the rest for that scene.

One familiar LoZ melody you'll hear in this one is the Nocturne of Shadow, which doesn't much have a correlation to the scene, but I threw it in for good measure.


sorry but this question but...

sorry but my bad english but i lake to make you a question
what program do you use to make Rock songs because i have a good voice and i am a good composer but i like electronic guitars i try whit the magix music maker but i dont like them if you can recomend a program to me please

sorry but my bad english :)

Setu-Firestorm responds:

I use the same program that I use for orchestral work. It's the host program Nuendo 4 by Steinberg. The question is what VSTi's (MIDI-plugins that use high-quality instrument samples instead of the computer's MIDI bank) I use. For rock, I use "RealStrat" (spelled with no spaces) for the guitars (and I later apply distortion to it using a plugin that came with Nuendo), "Edirol Super Quartet" for the bass, and "Addictive Drums" for the drum parts. Now, this is more my two most recent rock songs. Prior to that, I was using RealGuitar (an acoustic version of RealStrat) and using the Guitar Rig 2 audio plugin to add distortion, while using Hypersonic for drums, bass, everything else. Back when I used Hypersonic for drums, I'd mix down each drum seperately and EQ them to make them sound as real as I could.

Hope that info helps.

You were right

You are correct, in this form the song sounds a bit rough around the edges (more than a bit in a few spots; I'm sure you know which), and it does have a feeling of unpolished to it.

However, much like a precious stone, when polished, does this piece shine. The instrumentation here is once again excellent, and I loved how you were able to capture a feeling of tension through the music. Excellent use of both brass and dissonance; I thought that was rather well done.

I feel that the first screeching chord coming in on the strings was a bit TOO abrupt, I think it needed a second more to build up into the segue for the fanfarish intro and the rest of the song.

Aside from that, I feel that this piece is very much well done, and very enjoyable.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

I can completely agree with your criticism. Joel (the director) was the one who opted to release this one; it would not have been my choice simply because I could never finalize it. This was mostly because when the piece was rejected, I overwrote its original project with the one we did use, so it's not like I could have gone back to complete the mix.

My composing process in post-production is that I compose the piece without doing any mixing whatsoever and send it to them so they have an idea what it will sound like. At this stage, it's all still "raw" and can easily be changed according to their criticisms/specifications, which in the case of "Hero of Time", most of the pieces went through a few to several remakes.

Once they approve the "raw" piece, I then mix the MIDI channels into Audio channels and apply mixing/EQing/Mastering. This piece missed out on that, and when he used it anyway for the film, I was glad, but it's not a great listener given its poor unmixed state.

At any rate, I appreciate the input. Thanks for being honest. =)

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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2009
2:19 PM EDT
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2 min 33 sec

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