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Been playing a lot, I mean a LOT, of DOOM lately, and I decided that it was my turn to make a tribute to the DOOM level themes after hearing sooooo many.

So I've taken the liberty of remixing E1M1, E1M2, E1M8, E1M9, E2M9, MAP07, MAP08, and MAP09. They may be rather short (each), but it's still blazed all into one 13-minute piece.

Anywho, the quality might not be of the best, but if MP4 files were allowed, there would be quite a bit of quality increase without surpassing the 8MB limit!

Comment, Rate, Lemme know what you think!


I really love this

I love what sounds like guitar and piano I could be wrong there though but have to say that this is a beautifull piece of music and you build it up even thats a plus and you really make it flow with quality and the drums are nice so all around a great sound you have here

No it was perfect in my book.


This was definitely a new type of tribute to this old classic... so ambient compared to the new, though I do recognize the melodies, and I love how it all meshes together too. The atmosphere grows ominous fast, but you can never really grab a hold of the rhythm, it keeps morphing, moving from level to level, and a smooth but frantic pace... really love how heavy this all sounds! So awesome.


10 out of 10
Been listening to this since 2013
This is the best music ever
It sounds awesome
Yeah that's all I got, I'm terrible when it comes to giving reasons for why I like or dislike things.
I seriously really have been listening to this ever since 2013 and its 2016, 3 years later. I wanna use this for my into or outro or both when I become a youtuber. (If I do...)

With the exception of ascendancy (and possibly the indy game on newgrounds No Time To Explain), doom had the best music of video game history - certainly the best MIDI music. That's one of the reason doom was so memorable and great. None of the music, for none of the levels, were songs that were annoying to get stuck in my head. They were always the sort of thing where I could hum them when running and almost like magic I would be able to cover a mile in under 5 minutes. There are at least 4 of them, which are so unspeakably epic that it's a wonder they all came from the same people. Whoever was the genius behind them. "Phobos Anomaly" from D1E1 was probably the best of all, followed by "The Pit" from Doom 2, "Tower of Babel" from D1E2, and then of course "Hangar" from D1E1, but maybe I'm biased in favor of that one just because it's where the legacy all began. Other notable memorable ones that come to mind were "Gotcha" and "Idol of Sin" from D2 and a few from which I'm not sure the map they came, but many of which are here. Trying to order them in descending awesomeness is difficult, because any one of them blows away almost any music from any other video game I ever played. They should have worked some of them into the 2005 movie somehow. Good god, has it been that long since the movie, how could that be.

But anyway, this largely does it justice. I like listening for the first few seconds and thinking back to the levels they come from when I recognize them.

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Oct 4, 2009
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