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I have a potion

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Author Comments

I have a potion.
Im gonna eat it.
Ooooo it taste so good.
That im gonna, gonna buy some more.


8-bit...on acid.

Pretty much the long and short of this. Like, the kind of thing I'd be expecting to hear in a Mario game where he got splatted by a hammer and had to walk around in a daze, and the walls start swirling or something equally trippy. it's very interesting, and when you review as much audio as we tend to...interesting is always somewhat refreshing.

The first two seconds or so caught me off-guard because there wasn't the discernible beat there and it did kind of feel like a few random chords strung together. But by about 0:03 you started establishing the feel of the beat and the track started gaining a little more structure. A bit of an unorthodox beat, but a cohesive one nonetheless.

The voice could have done with being a little clearer, or just a little louder relative to the lead synths. Because if you hadn't typed out the lyrics in the comments, I would have had close to no idea what was being said. I think you messed with it a little too much and made it a little too ambient and in-the-background so the more buzzing nature of the synths just cut through it completely. But apart from that, I have no complaints about your choice of sounds; they're all pretty easy on the ears to listen to and they all compliment eachother pretty nicely. I heard some pad sounds here and there, kinda wished there was a little more of it, but then again the silences between the kind of semi-lurching lead synth did add to the feel a whole lot.

This is really nicely done. Unorthodox, which is -while not speaking for everyone- definitely the kind of submissions I really don't mind reviewing at all. If no-one was unique then no-one would be interesting, so it's nice to see this kinda steps out from the usual 8-bit. Keep it up, as always.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

awesomes. and yea ill someday make the voice clearer.

Hmm, i dont know about being onorthodox but i guess my style isnt very generic.
There are more people who make non-generic music on ng :)

Thanks for finding this worthy of a 8.

Greets -Cal :)

Ah, not my cup of tea.

Of course, I don't like tea either. I figured I'd review one of your pieces. Every single other piece seemed to be techno and trance and I wanted something a bit different. With your piece, I got that something different. I don't know though, perhaps it was just a bit too different.

It was original and random, but the random was way too random in my opinion. Especially in the beginning of the song. It seemed to get way too off track and I thought I was seriously listening to random noise here for awhile. Later on the song there seemed to be more structure and it started to sound a little better. Throughout the entire thing there was room for more structure and order for sure though.

I did like the use of voices, but I don't like the pitch or sound that they were rendered at. I think if they were a bit more clearer then the piece would have been more interesting.

All in all, I'm not saying it's a bad song at all. I'm just stating that even though you perhaps got out of your comfort zone and tried something new or original, it was still a little too random in my opinion. Finding the happy medium between random/glitchy sounds and structure might be the key for this piece.

~ Review Request Club ~

Calamaistr responds:

tip aside your review: listen to it on repeat a few times.


Now I have to play some NES games

Great song. From the very first note on I liked the 8-bit feeling of this song and I thought: "Oh well, time to play some NES games again."

Sometimes the different instruments seem to be a bit random, but the overall picture of this song works quite well. As I've said, the 8but-atmosphere is there from the very first note on.

The voice could be a bit clearer. Not too much clearer, though as the robotic voice fits very well to the song, but if it hadn't been for the lyrics been posted in the comments I wouldn't even have noticed the voice.

{ Review Request Club }

Calamaistr responds:

wouldnt even have noticed the voice.. hmm..

Well this isnt a heavy track so i guess i could make the voice a bit clearer sometime, rendering would be no longer than half a minute tops.

Most people now said this so i guess it is. Ill see what i can do sometime.
Ive just finished work on another album track anyway, and also editted some older tracks of the album all taking me around 5 hours to render individually so im normally a bit reluctant to edit things, but this is a lightweight so np.

Thanks for the review again man. -Cal

Cool beat

I personally liked it, I love retro video game songs, such as the classical one from Mario (I LOVE it!). This was pretty good, it has nice sound effects, what only gives more personality to the song... I can't think in a game for this song, but I'm sure it could be a very good game... Just as like the frontpaged ones...

The song's variety was awesome, very random and cool, I love songs ike this one, they're very animated and happy, it gave me a nice feeling and a nice athmosphere in my room...

I believe you're one of the bests song makers from NG, Calamaistr, you have the most beautiful piano songs I ever heard, and this wasn't different... I just think you should add more things to the song and take some repetitive things off, then, the song will be great... Keep it up, man!

(Review Request Club)

Calamaistr responds:

I dont think theres still room in this track to add things, besides it would probably distract from the detail already present, like.. did you notice how the analog bips seem to flip like a rotating platform, if you would visualise what you hear.. at least thats what i see when i listen to this work of mine.

Its actually a very graphic track even though it is extremely minimalistic.

When the melody goes nuts is pretty much what i wanted to be the effect of drinking the potion, after wich ofcourse you'd want another potions.

So now you know why you kept buying em in games. ;>

Thanks, and greets Cal.

Lol, cool :D

I enjoyed this. It made me smile, and although I'm not really a fan of 8-bit, I really enjoyed this. Good job on this, for an older submission of yours, it's actually well done ^^.

The melodies are awesome. I don't know what DaveGuy means by random, TBH. It sounds fine to me. I liked the part at 1:11, the melody over there was great, and then the song picked up quite well before getting ready to loop. To keep things simple, I really enjoyed the melodies in this piece. They weren't too complicated, but did the job perfectly. Vocals also complimented the melody pretty well, even if it's a synthesized voice. I'm pretty impressed that you took the liberty of tuning the words properly too. Vocals should be a bit louder though, since they can't be heard so well with the 8-bit synth in the way, as yours31f said.

The synths themselves were great. I liked all of your 8-bit sounds, and the pad sounded good too, although it sounded a bit out of place among all of the 8-bit sounds. Still, I don't mind if you keep the pad as it is since it's pretty hard to hear it anyway, and even then, as you said, it adds more body and texture to the piece. Synths on the whole were great :D.

Transitions to different melodies were perfect, and even for a short loop, the structure is good too. Variety was fine, since the song never got repetitive because of so many different melodies to keep the listener interested in the song. The intro was a perfect way to start the song, and the loop was flawless too.

Drums were also a very nice addition. They fitted very well with the melodies, and were just the right volume, with good beats and decent drum samples. Good drums overall, I have nothing to complain about them.

Overall, this is a great submission, and among the best of 8-bit submissions I've heard. I can just imagine this being right at home in an old-fashioned RPG. Keep up the great work, the only problems with it would be obviously its length and the vocals being too quiet. Great job on the song!

-Review Request Club-

Calamaistr responds:

Wow, i think i never had such a elaborate review not even by coop or haggard :รพ
Im flabbergasted here, i didnt expect people to like this so much since its so different from most of my recent work, i can hardly listen to it when ive been listening to my newest album, not that i dont like it anymore but because its a whole different kind of sound, something you almost have to seep into in time/loops.

Admitted when i was done with this track i msned a friend of mine that i probably had made something that would go all over the internet because it was just such a fun theme.

Im still hoping someone will find this track and make a flash on it. haha.

Thanks for your amazing review man, i look forward for more from your hand..if you want ofcourse. (wait till i start posting my new album in the review crew topic, not anytime soon though. Even though i gave a buzz asking why it took so long im actually patient about requesting itself)


Greets Cal.

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3.52 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2009
4:46 PM EDT
Video Game
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