Tattoo (Trance Mix)

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Hello. I know I haven't been submitting more crap, and I know a lot of you don't care, but here is a remix I have been working on ever wince the start of my first year in high school (3 weeks ago).

I'm not really happy with the whole song, but I submitted it anyway (my brother was annoying me too lol)


Acapella by Jordan Sparks
lol not by me




EDIT: I changed the name, I didnt like the word Joyous mix. lol



I don't think I've heard the original version yet, but I don't feel a need. This song rocks, and I think if I listen to the original it will reflect badly on YOUR version.

The review request club guys have said everything so much better than what I could, but you have a lot of talent.

Great drums, vocals are used perfectly, and the song has a great ebb and flow. Fantastic.

Not bad

A little light hearted at the moment, with the highness of the synth notes in the background - perhaps they could be toned down a little, in order to make the tune not sound quite so upbeat.

It sounds like it's going to be a love song, so it doesn't need to be so fast. Slowing the tempo down as well as the change of the beat would accompany it better, so that when you get a few more vocal samples into the track, it will sound so much better.

[Review Request Club]


A very nice song, and it also has vocals, yay! There's not a lot of songs with vocals in the audio portal.

The vocals are pretty good and they fit very nicely to the music. It's just that the song itself doesn't seem too special. It's above average, but it's still a bit away from the top.

Maybe if you experiment around with different instruments, because I felt some of them didn't sound quite right, for example that which we can hear at ca. 2:38. It doesn't fit that well in there.

{ Review Request Club }

Yuck, vocals

I never really like songs with vocals with them, but that's just my taste; I can't lower your score just because of that. In general, it's an awesome song.

I don't know if you were the one who made the melodies in the background, but I must say, they're excellent. Very nice choice of instruments too, they fit really nicely with the vocals, which are obviously nice quality. I think the part around 0:50 was slightly too quiet. I know it was a buildup, but in my opinion it's better if you either start the buildup with the volume louder, or you lessen how long the buildup is. Also, I'd suggest adding a piano in this, I think it could fit really well with the vocals in some parts.

The transitions were godly. All the melodies fit so well together, and the drum rolls you did and the effect transitions all help make this song flow together so awesomely. Really amazing structure too, you made it clear where the chorus was with the melodies and instruments you used in the background, and this song isn't repetitive, actually the opposite, very well varied and awesome. Very nice intro, I always like the intros which start with a percussive boom. Really amazing ending as well, one of the best I've heard on newgrounds.

The drums were one of the best parts of this song. They were varied quite well, the drum beats were nice, they made great transitions, were just the right loudness and had some really amazing samples. No problems concerning the drums. Perfect.

In all, a very good remix. As I said, the vocals kind of ruin it for me since I prefer instrumental songs, but they sound really good with the song. I can barely find any flaws in this: great job!

-Review Request Club-

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~ Review Request Club ~

The voices were of good quality obviously because they weren't made by you. :P Good mixture though. Good job making some beats that would go good with the voices at hand. I really don't know what the original song sounds like because it's not music that I would listen to, but this version is very catchy and upbeat all around. The music sounds like something that you could dance to probably.

Good thing is that it sounds like the music would be quite good without the voices at hand, but the voices add to the submission and make it even better. Good piece all around.

~ Review Request Club ~

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