In Soviet Russia... (Zangief)

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Well I decided to keep the Street Fighter wagon train rolling and I came up with this little ditty. The pitch is more akin to the original theme, but this arrangement goes pretty off the wall lol. I admit that it's definitely a little "much," but organized chaos or just plain bad@$$; you decide lol.

PLEASE WRITE REVIEWS!!! If you like it, hate it, or have some constructive criticism, PLEASE PUT IT DOWN! Greatly appreciated, y'all.


Trolls, trolls everywhere, this place is to share creations, not to discuss about political shit, anyways, let's get down to the song.
It's a bit busy this one, the original getting a bit lost under the added sounds, but hey, this is not a bad remix at all, but if you redo it in a more organiced fashion it will be a great one, indeed.

The red Cyclone! D:<

Zangief has always been one of my favorite street fight characters. This is a pretty good version, but i would try to do something to better bring out the main beat of the song, it seems to get drowned out with how busy it is all together.

And jeesus people, Its a video game remix, not a hidden political agenda. Get a flippin life >>

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Cam3leon responds:

I...love you man *sniff*

Seriously though, really appreciate the feedback. I'm actually redoing this theme now. It is extremely busy, but I intend to clean it up and extend it to bring out the melody more. Thanks again. And THANK you for the "Soviet Russia" insight.


ok enough of this USA of capitilism Crap if your going to call it soviet russia at least cut out the crapy street fighter music(becuase it was a capitilst game)and had to make me stop it while writeing this review
well hope you don't make any of this capitilst crap
all the best TSM

Cam3leon responds:

OMG....okay look, the name was chosen because of the joke "In Soviet Russia, (object) (verb) YOU!" I was not, in any way, trying to make a political statement. It was a play on words, and referring to the fact that the character Zangief was from the USSR. Jesus, do your research or something.


your work continues to surprise me although, i fear some of your 'followers' don't even now what street fighter is. Hence the comment below me.

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Industrialation, Globalazation, Mass Genecide, You didn't include any of the feelings. Try low drum beats they can make it feel like your in a booming factory.

Cam3leon responds:

Yeah, I see what you guys are saying on that now. The fact is when I put this arrangement together, I put less emphasis on the stage and more on the character. I added more grandiose instruments like the drums to give off that "imposing giant" feeling you get fighting an epic dude like the 'Gief. I mean, like say if you caught him in a dark alley or something. Noooot the guy you wanna run into, lol.

And if you're referring to the name, I mostly put that in as a play on words based on a certain joke (lol). Not going for social commentary so much as a big ol' brawl. But I get what y'all said about a more industrial-influenced theme. Could be workable in the future...

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