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AD - The System

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Author Comments

ZOMG! I started playing around in FL8 last night and got myself into a massive DnB tune without knowing first. I started making the drums and I was so happy that I finally got that typical DnB-HiHats working I had problems with before. Then I made a decent buildup and it just got longer and longer and I threw more effects in and I was like "wow that shit it fucking good" and tried to make a full Track around it. At around 4am I stopped working and went to bed I was so fucking tired and sweating (and still haven't taken a shower yet) cuz this song is just like THIS big to me :DDD

Next day I started working at 1pm and finished it in 2 hours and it's got everything OMG it's got a buildup, two drops and even vocals (I am so frigging happy) This Track was a huge success for me and was alot of fun and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did making it.

- 44 Channels
- 8 Mixer Channels
- 13 Automation Channel
- 3 layered Kick- and Bassdrums
- 3 layered Snares
- 1 Effect Kickdrum
- 1 Effect Snare
- 4 HiHats
- 2 Crashes
- 12 recorded SFX and Atmosphere Sounds
- 2 recorded Basses
- 16 recorded Vocals
Plugins used:

- Fruity Parametric EQ 2
- Fruity Limiter
- Fruity Love Philter
- Fruity Peak Controller
- Soundgoodizer
- PSP Nitro

EDIT: Thanks to all the usefull input I will clean up the Track and change things later ;)

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yeah, do you honestly know how hard it is to find something like this? i won't criticize because i understand you uploaded it will intent for mainly opinions, being that it's a full track

you get long reviews, man

AeraDynamic responds:

hey thank you so much for taking a listen :D this is such an old track dude it doesn't represent my current work in NO way. I am much better than this now, still I am happy ppl enjoy it ;)

Sounds like Spor

This is amazing, I hope I'll achieve this level of DnB awesomeness.

...Why isnt this like top 5 or something?
5/5 10/10 from me.

AeraDynamic responds:

Sup dude, sorry I am responding this late but I just saw your review now, I wasnt on ng for a few days. Thanks for the kind words man, spor is a god and I love his style of drum n bass. I just saw his studio on dogs on acid and I'm in a run for hardware now. I need every kind of shit now like a mpc, a midi keyboard, monitor speakers and all that stuff xD I'm alot better than this now btw, much sampling and layerd stuff going on and its kinda full of stuff but it doesnt fit together like I want it to respectively it is not very good arranged. The bass stabs were sampled as the intro noise and the drum arrangement was covered from all kind of dnb in the world lol I admit that, I am a lot better now, I learned to program my own bass now and THIS really sounds more pro like noisia, spor or who ever you want to compare it with. Listen to my upload "Get Ready" to hear only a sinebass programmed in 10min ;)

I will drop something soon man, I promise, I got like 3 big tracks ready to be finished. If you add me to your favs I will send you a pm once I make a new upload.


I agree with Rig.

Not to go against NemesisTheory, but this is a true DnB song with structure, not some random 3 minute one. However, he is right about the intro. It doesn't really build up to anything. It sounds like a minute-and-a-half loop, and when the drop hits, it's not really that powerful. But that's probably only because it lacks a sub, as Rig said. The drums are good. Actually very good, a lot better than the drums on other "DnB" songs on Newgrounds. The drops are really long, and that wouldn't be a problem if they had a bass or more variation. It just sounds like drums with ambience behind it. I don't hear anything musical, you know? No basslines or melodies or anything... and I have my speakers up kind of loud.

Another thing is, the whole song sounds kind of muffled. At what kbps did you render it?

So overall, it's not bad. It just needs a sub and needs to be cleaned up a bit. A sub and a really dirty reese would sound amazing with what you already have, in my opinion. So nice job, keep working on it.

5/5 to put it above all of the other "DnB" in the DnB section

AeraDynamic responds:

Sorry for the quality I had to render it with 128 kbit/s cause it is already 7mb big... I am remaking this crapshit Track anyway >:C I am not happy with it anymore since I found out yesterday how to make my own reese with 3xOsc and I want to put this new knowledge into this Track. I'll leave it online till I am done with the v2 - There is much to clean up, much to change much to add and much to master :/ I will be busy with this thing a whole day or longer when I get to it. I am still a newcomer to DnB and making a killer reese and modulating it live is hard as hell for me to figure out. Any help from anyone (... you?) would be very welcome :D Thanks for the detailed review, NT is a woman and Rig is a genious and I am out *wooosh

PS: Where are you releasing your Music now? Are you on Beatport or can I download your full tracks on MySpace?

Too long for your own good...

I actually listened through it 3 times to make sure I wasn't missing anything subtle, but you have 1 minute and 30 seconds worth of intro, that doesn't change or build up at all.

The main problem I have is that it then cuts to a DnB section that lasts for the same amount, then it cuts back to the very same intro patterns you had in the beginning, with a faint bg buildup in the back that drops you back to the same thing that I've been listening to for the previous minute and a half, which then repeats itself for almost the entire remaining duration before it cuts back to the exact same intro pattern for a break down.

This song could've been a lot more shorter and packed with alternates (even variation on the drums once in a while would've worked, especially since this is DRUM and bass - but you didn't do this once, which I find oddly puzzling considering the DNB section ran for about 5 minutes total with no switchups), of which there were none, albeit a stop-return break is there every once in a while.

Anyway, that's just my opinion, but I don't see why this song couldn't have been 4 minutes, and even that would be stretching it. Maybe 3 minutes? One minute intro, 1:30 dnb, 30 seconds breakback to the same intro. It'd cut out a lot of the monotony since there's nothing that switches anything up during the middle or end, not a single addition or variation.

If that's what you were going for then forget this entire review, but, since it's 7+ minutes, it would've been nice if there'd be something that kept me listening or even remotely interested for changeups rather than the exact same thing over and over. I suppose if I had liked the song enough and it were 3 minutes, I could've had it on repeat or something. :P

Anyway, just my two cents. <3

Still, decent production value, and that's a great start, so I can't/won't be too harsh on scores. I never am, anyway. XD


- NT.

Very nice!

Wow, 7 minutes of DnB and not a boring minute throughout! That takes skillz.

Good placement with those vocals, drums sounded great. The only thing that bugged me was the lack of sub. Without the low low notes, it sounds like it's in a perpetual state of "intro"...I kept waiting for the big drop where the main theme would come in. If you put a sub under that bassline you have, I GUARANTEE it would sound a million times better.

If only you had a sub.

Other than that, great job!

AeraDynamic responds:

wow thanks for the helpful review, I'll give it a shot and may upload an updated version ;)

Credits & Info


3.43 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2009
9:38 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
7 MB
7 min 38 sec

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