Our Invaders - Hania

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Our Invaders

Fallen onto this world, They march (Left Right Left Right)
Millions, and millions more (Left Right Left Right)
We call them haters (Left Right)
Death hole makers (Left Right)
Broken traders (Left Right)
Our invaders (Left Right)

We try to stand our ground, They march (Left Right Left Right)
We turn to run away (Left Right Left Right)
They stand there smiling (Left Right Left Right)
While we're crying (Left Right Left Right)
Bullets flying (Left Right Left Right)
And we're dying (Left Right Left Right)

So, so now in this way - We give up, we'll kneel down and start to pray.
Gone, gone - gone are the days
Where we'd smile and we'd laugh
And be brave.
Now we're slaves (Left Right Left Right)

Tortured (Left Right Left Right) and taken back we march (Left Right Left Right)
Trembling (Left Right Left Right) more than before (Left Right Left Right)

We see their lasers (Left Right Left Right)
Burning tazers (Left Right Left Right)
Filthy razors (Left Right Left Right)
Planet Chasers (Left Right Left Right)
Life erasers (Left Right Left Right)
Power Tracers (Left Right Left Right)
Death Dictators (Left Right Left Right)

Our Invaders.

This is one of the songs associated with the Memory Planet series. The other songs that are currently on NGAP are: Silver Memory & Girl From Memory Planet

This particular song is from the viewpoint from one of the victims of Memory Planet - how they see the invaders attack their world and a bit of insight of what the Invaders keep with them for these missions.

Hope you enjoy!



Here is another crazy song from you. While I can recognize the voice easily, what really turned me on was how random this song was. I can just imagine your image as presented in your icon singing this song. This was great because it seemed like you were putting a real story into this. While at times incomprehensible, still great because it has such great detail put into the lyrics. There are many phases of this too.

The most emotional part was easily when you did not have the "Left Right Left Right" stuff being said. It's nice to understand what the song means in your author's comments. I am also very proud to say that you have the honor of being the 1,000th song I have reviewed! I am glad to have come so far in my reviews! Overall, you create a great atmosphere.

amazing dictation

Amazing use of words for description X3 I didn't even notice that the last paragraph was all rhyming with "invaders" until the end XP

*goes to download song*


Sums up the haters on youtube.

one of your best yet

the subject says it all


Big fan of the memory planet music!
though everytime I hear this song, I cant help but to think of DBZ and planet
purging. Anyways keep up the great work hope to hear more of this music soon.

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