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The Coalition for Life

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I please ask that you read the following. This song was based on an article in New York Times:

http://www.nytimes.com/20 09/06/10/us/10abortion.ht ml?_r=1&ref=us

If you want to read the article, make a free account or just look up the Wichita Kansas Abortion Center on Google.

Now, at the worst, this is an insult flung at those who are Kansas pro-life. However, it is my intention that this song is a warning to the pro-life movement.

As Dr. George Tiller's murder was successful in closing down the Abortion Clinic and it seems that the local Kansas pro-life movement is taking this as a "bittersweet victory", I can only see one logical outcome for future efforts to close down Abortion clinics. After protests, investigations, and even a prior shooting and office bombing Dr. George Tiller was determined to continue running his clinic. It should be clear to everyone that these other methods, though ethical and admirable (save the office bombing and prior shooting), were ineffective compared to the shooting that ended Dr. George Tiller's life.

So, as long as Kansas Pro-life claims the closing of the Wichita Abortion Clinic as a Victory in anyway, I can only see further violence to take place in order to shut down the pro-choice movement. I cannot see why the Coalition for Life and Operation Rescue can claim this as a victory when the closing only resulted through a Man's death.

The least desirable part of the chain of events following Dr. Tiller's death is that the family allowed the clinic to close. Thus proving that a single bullet meant more than all the websites, hate-mail, investigations, protests, and various other efforts launched by the pro-life movement. The Kansas Pro-Life movement has amounted to nothing and they claim this as a victory. At the end of the day we are left with a martyr and a fear of who extremists will hit next. I think it is inevitable that extremists will continue to murder Abortionists if Wichita is toted as a Victory no matter how "Bittersweet".

A Pro-Life effort has lead to death. It is an interesting hypocrisy that inspired me to write this song. I personally find violence in Ideological movements is deplorable. I would ask that every person in the pro-life movement please consider whether or not Dr. George Tiller's Death was truly a victory or not.
Afterwards, accept the consequences of either choice.

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I'm with Gasmasq on this. You've got a good message, but the style of singing and the instrumentals clash a bit. Change one or the other to get a better match up?

You've certainly opened a potential posting war for NG. Talk about controversial. :)


I like the social awareness in your songs, but your voice seems like you should be doing some kind of punk-esque indie rock. Don't get it twisted, I like the song, and the topic, but yeah... sorry. The backing music takes away from your message, I feel.

I'm pro-abortion btw. Not pro-choice. PRO ABORTION!!! lol. We need a new method of population control. Abortion's where it's at.

Very interesting

I agree with the right to choose, and I think anything that denies this right is ingnorant and dangerous. Your song is wickedly delicious in its hard-edged irony. I loved it. Also a very pleasant surprise is the sound quality which is excellent. The instrumentation and music writing is superb. Reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd's The Wall both in quality and the choices in ilustrating the message. Excellent song. Congratulations and good luck at the contest.

I agree

I really do believe that people should be allowed to choose. What the pro-life people don't get is that pro-choice doesn't automatically mean abortion, it just means that women have the right to CHOOSE to get an abortion or not. So if a women doesn't believe in abortions, then she doesn't have to get one. However, I guess those pro-life people don't care, they'd rather have it their way, or not at all.

im a guy

i find nothing wrong with abortion. Whether or not you kill a fetus it never lived.

Fetus's have no self awareness. So much is the same with sperm. Men everyday masterbate so its pretty much the same. That's my logic. Who cares

Bobomatic responds:

I share your apathy in some regards, but for different reasons.

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