Into The Abyss--Trance/Rock

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Yep Techno/Trance Sounds with Rock Beats & Guitar.. Check it out tell me what you think.. I know im not an expert recorder,masterer, or mixer.. so leave me alone on those lol..

Yes its loud and it clips in a few places but its nothing noticable.. the whole song itself is as loud as it can get without clipping.. some parts where panning is wierd makes a few clips but still nothing too bad..

Did alot of work trying to more tweak the guitar sound to make it blend more with the File I made from Fruity Loops 5.. its hard blending Digital sounds with Real Sounds so cut me a break

Any advice on the song idea.. leave it for a review.. appreciate the time yall take to listen to this


Why is this rated soo low? Why so few reviews? Why soo little attention?
This needs to be revitalized and shared...quickly.
The sounds...the feels...
The Way it trances you into like that "ultimate" dungeon and final boss fight feel...
THIS...is what I call good RPG music...hell, it would even fit well with some of the FPS's...

what i say

all i can say that it's good so keep the good work voices might make it sound better just saying :/


I like it a lot but it could be improveds with vocals. If your band decides to use it, could you put the finished on here?

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

I would but unfortunately im no longer in a band


Good job.Keep the songs going!

Not Bad...

I think this is pretty decent and well written for the most part. I think you could really add a lot of layers to it though. Maybe a piano line wouldn't be too bad, with some effects or distortions on it. Or even a clean piano would probably fit if you EQ'd it right.

I like the guitar work, but without vocals it stands still a little to much. If you were to add vocals to this song, it would be simply great. Because the guitars would not be so in your face and pushing the melody. But without vocals, this is really lacking something. Not all songs need, or even should have vocals. But this one really should.

Despite that though you got a pretty decent mix with the synths and guitar. You should definitely play with the percussion though. Add some glitch affects and maybe bit-crush 'em a bit. For this song, I think that would be very appropriate.

4/5 and 8/10 overall. Good song, but just not great. :-)


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Mushroomhead18nc responds:

well about the vocals part.. Im currently in a band so when I write all of my music now that involves a guitar.. it generally follows the 4bar verse,chorus,verse,chorus solo type deal so its easier for him to write and sing with... I only do that incase he does want to use it and throw his voice on it... writing a non repetidive piece on guitar is not hard at all lol.. with guitar theres a shitload of octaves same way with piano.. you should know that one first hand.. lots of combinations between chords and lead lines can be played..and honestly I got tired of doing the drums on this.. because I had to redo the levels then export it.. then email it to myself to use on my other computer then add it to Adobe Audition 3.. and after already doing that like 5 times... I got really aggravated with it.. lol

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May 31, 2009
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