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Prepare yourself for a Journey through the world of Imagination! Nothing is impossible. Anything can happen. Free your mind! Be patient. Become One with the Sound.



Starts off pretty normally, I'd say, which for you is a good thing. I like like all the reverb! It makes me feel like there's some giant top-secret government building I'm sneaking into and breaking codes and such. The percussion is nice and unique, wiith the delay and cool rythms. :)

The first three minutes were a pretty nice part! I haven't gotten past there yet, so now I'll do that!

I like the synths here! Especially the synth that gets distorted (I think that's what's happening). That particular synth reminds me a bit of Cordis, if you've heard of him. Anyway, sort of a lengthy build-up, but what it built up to was awesome! Is that bass sidechained or just off-beat? I can't really tell, it's so low.

Anyway, this is definitely a journey of a song! I don't see why this is too long, but that's coming from a guy who listens to part one of E2E4 (31.5min, last time I checked) without getting tired. :P

Great job, but I still think Redemption is better than this. I'm saying this is your second-best song! Keep up the good work!


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ReFreezed responds:

I was unsure if the amount of reverb was too much or not. Good that that's good. :) The percussion is something I'm especially proud of, along with one of the synths in the end.

Oh, I think I know what you mean by "sidechain" now. The bass is off-beat and I haven't heard of Cordis before. (Should I have?)

This song is probably nothing for the typical Newgrounder as it is long and has a long progression. We all know how long peoples' attention span is around here. :)
(Do you mean the one-hour album E2-E4 by Manuel Göttsching? (Yes, I used Wikipedia...) )

I think Redemption is better too... as an ambient song. :P Anyway, thanks for reviewing! It's always appreciated!

Great one!

But you've done better before... Still its a great song! = D

ReFreezed responds:

Well, I'm glad you like it. :D


I was a bit intimidated when I saw it was 6 and a half minutes long.
I was also not very interested once I started listening.
But then I just closed my eyes and REALLY listened. I just let the music be rather than trying to figure out what should be.
It flowed very very well, It is completely understandable why some people wouldn't like this, but it is honestly a piece of art.

Like your comment says, it's a journey.

It was slow, and long, and repetitive
but I would NOT change one single thing!
GREAT work man :D

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ReFreezed responds:

Now THAT'S the reaction I wanted! :D

Thanks a lot, man! Best review so far ^____^

Wow. Review time.


6 mins. 0.o

That took. FOREVER.

Okay. Up until about 4:45-5:00 I thought it was pretty much a dnb song, and in that case it lacked a little.

So... up until that time ^ I was thinking that it was pretty blah.

Then it got good, really good. After that it had a nice synth line, and a good beat and all that good stuff.

So, my overall review:
-3 for taking forever.
+1 for having an awesome ending.
8/10... and you always get a 5 from meh :D

Z~ Lubz

ReFreezed responds:

What? Minus points for being long!?
I thought that was a good thing... .___.

I'm glad you liked the ending that much though. :D

Thanks for the 5 and your review!

Kik Ass Yo!

Awesome Dude

ReFreezed responds:

Yes! WOOT!!!

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