The Nintendo Concerto (Pt 10b)

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OK, i know this is worth more than a 2. If your gonna vote less than a 4, leave a damn review.

Man, this REALLY is IT. Thanks so much everyone for bitching about this.

I needed to get this off my back. This is nothing spectacular, and personally I like part 10a better. Oh well, this DOES have Touhou in it.

Also, before you zero-bomb, this audio file got fucked up somehow, and somewhere in the second song it skips a little. Thats the only error I'm aware of, and I'm to goddamn lazy to fix it.

It's been a long run, and I'm so happy to say that this is over.

Here goes:


remember to try and guess the songs!
You probably know the challenge by now, so it's all up to you.

(P.S. I'm working on another VERY SPECIAL piano piece at the moment, so I'm glad I could get this bitch out of the way)

Here are the songs (in order of appearance)

0:01-0:45 Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
0:45-3:05 My Neighbor Totoro: Path of the Wind
3:05-3:24 Ape Escape: That Skiing Minigame Thingy
3:24-4:11 Sonic Advance: Neo Green Hill Zone
4:11-5:04 Chrono Trigger: Hidden Truths
5:04-6:03 Super Smash Bros Brawl: Waiting Room
6:03-7:47 Mega Man X: Intro Stage
7:47-7:54 Mega Man X: Storm Eagle
7:54-8:55 Mega Man Zero 4: Esperanto
8:55-9:29 Super Mario RPG: Mushroom Way


To Awsome

this music is so great... since you have indeed made these i recon it would we great to have the sheet music i mean people would pay to have things like this on sheet music because piano is so popular. all of your work is great and i reckon people would pay for this and all other the other 9 concertos

Well, it had to end sometime...

Though I'm sad to see it end. Oh well, that means I have the whole collection downloaded now (If you download this part, the download file title contains a little thank you). 12 parts total, counting parts 1-9, 10a, 10b, and the 17:50 long version of part 3, which I suggest everybody take a listen to if they haven't already. Thanks for putting such great piano pieces on Newgrounds. There's not enough really good stuff on the audio portal, in my opinion, and you helped lessen the problem by adding to our supply of awesome songs a good 12 tracks (maybe more, that's just counting your Nintendo Concerto).

That skip at 1:22 is rather annoying, by the way. Oh well, no big deal.


At 4:11: Don't know what it's called, but it's from Chrono Trigger. The music for the trial? Yay! Chrono Trigger!
At 5:04: SSBB Waiting room
At 8:55 Super Mario RPG! Yes! I believe it's Mushroom Way.

Sadly I don't know any of the others.

Don't know if I personally would have ended it with Mushroom Way. I think I would have finished with a victory theme, like the original Super Mario Bros. level completion. That's just me though.

Thanks again for making this epic medley. And don't worry about the zero bombers. They seem to be losing the fight, seeing as the Nintendo Concerto is getting into the top 30 best tracks ever.

You say your working on a very special piano piece? I'll have to check it out when it's done. You seem pretty good with the piano.

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darphfluffy responds:

i did kind of rush the ending...I really wanted to just get this over with


The second piece is Totoro!!! You have made my day sir.

darphfluffy responds:

Haha yeah! I loved that movie, so i thought, what the hell, why not put it in!

Again, amazing!

Recognized far fewer. Don't want to ruin the game for everyone though, so I'll go ahead and tell all of you that number 6 is the first level of Megaman X (the city with the huge bee helicopter robots and the break away floors), and that the last one is NOT Midas River from Super Mario RPG as others have guess but it IS in Super Mario RPG.

Loved it as usual, the skip is at 1:22 for all those interested in the skip he's talking about, but considering how wonderful the rest of the work is (and the rest of the concerto for that matter) its nothing short of petty to focus on it.


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Love this series

The last one is Mario RPG on a certain minigame, It's when you have to go down the the river on a shell, and when you go down the waterfall and collect coins.

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