Return Flight

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Oh, the greatest things happen when you play random notes on an instrument and they sound good, ala the way GnR's Sweet Child Of Mine riff was created. XD This is a track made with the image of an airplane landing, hence the name "Return Flight". Of course, I am rtnario. Therefore (ya happy Quinn), this thing must have DISTORTED GUITARS

This track was inspired by the following:
Ragnarok Online OST - Nobless Oblige
O2Jam OST - End Of Fight

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Every one of your songs are fucking SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rtnario responds:

Hahaha, you think so? Thank you! You can find more of my stuff on the LEAF XCEED Music Division websites. There are links in my profile. Enjoy!

I believe you mean "Therefore"

Muahaahahaa you got me on a failure before, so I gotcha back xD

ANYWAYS, on to the review. The usual, 9/10, 5/5 as to make sure to help your grade because you deserve more than a 3.91 which I raised to a 3.93. First thing's first, the two cymbal crash things near the beginning are kinda harsh, and they overpower EVERYTHING. That's not good if you ask me, unless it's seriously a major required thing of the song, but they seem slightly too loud while overpowering everything. Excuse me if it's just these headphones of mine which are well overstaying their welcome, but some of the background sounds also sound kinda bad, unlike the usual pure background you like to put in. The riffs are very nice though, and well executed for the most part. I'm sorry if it's just these headphones, mainly because I wouldn't lower your grade one point because of the cymbal crash thing. The strings are also kind of overpowering at the end, but all in all they are decent. I swear (swearing is bad, yes, I don't swear literally ever, but swear as in oath) that I will find a song of yours that I will give a 10, whether it be because of me having a good day, or because I get new headphones, or because of both and me not noticing any flaws that are big enough for a point deduction. I look forward to new pieces (yes I know this one is old, 2009). Happy composing~!


rtnario responds:


Now THIS one's probably very different compared to the others you've heard. Aside from being quiet, everything was pretty simple and untweaked. So that would kinda explain the two overpowering crash cymbals :< That ALSO explains why you don't hear the "pure" background since this is back then when my sound was pretty...in beta stages, I could say. If I listen to this now, I could point out my own errors XD And yeah, strings are too sharp for me, I didn't have my present strings then. Oh well. Thanks for the review man, still gonna head for that 10! :D

Very Nice

Great music, please keep up the good work

rtnario responds:

I always do. Thanks!

Not bad for random notes, eh?

Keep up the good work! :]

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rtnario responds:

Only the main part ^^; Everything else was planned out of course. I see you hopped from 8-Bit Bossbattle (which btw he knows more than well that I remixed it XD) to Boss Battle! and now to here! Thanks for checking out my other work!

Although since you love video game power metal, I would suggest jumping to Trump Card Alteisen, which currently just so happens to be #4 on the Top 30 list because of this awesome community. =)

never watched Top Gun...

but, it reminds me of virtua fighter 1 instead. don't know why, because there's no song like this... well.
it was a bit... long... i think 45secs in the middle shouldn't have been there, but it still sounds epic^^
4/5 6/10
MfG FrEzil

rtnario responds:

Well, it reminds people of different things I guess/ Someone got reminded of that "Top Gun" airplane movie, you got reminded of "Virtua Fighter". All I had in my head was literally what I said: a plane landing.

Too bad you found it long though. I tried to remove some of the repetitiveness of the refrain by adding the squares. Worked for others but everyone I see ^^' At least you still found it epic XD

Thanks for the review! (4 down, 2 to go)

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Mar 31, 2009
6:03 AM EDT
General Rock
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