Like a rocket (Dj Janze REMIX)

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now i finnished this awsome song =) i love this song , and made a own remix of this. it was hard to master , vote up NG people :) please dont vote 0 , this took much of my time. many many hours and days .


Muy Buena Compadre!!

Exelente Compadre esta cancion va directa a mi mp4!!

Exelent song my friend keep it up

Viva Chile...!!

Haven't heard the original...

But this remix sure does kick ass:)
I was a little affraid it'd turn out out crap at first... Mainly because of the spring/bounce thingie being a little to loud and the melody being a little weird.
It started so suddenly. I'd have liked an intro of some sort to prepare the listener for the track, but you jumped right into it instead.

Oh well. My wories disapear at at 0:14 when the melody start. Gotta give it to you... You REALLY hit the nail on the spot with that melody - it rocks!:)
At 0:27 you put on 2 of the most well known instruments in the hard dance/hands up genre. The kick and the bass. It's a pleasure to listen to, but you certainly need a clap of some sort.
Also, the beat is awfully monotomous. There's no tiwsts or turns. Just a plane old 2/4 kick with no changes. Same goes for the percussion and pretty much everything else in the track...

Anyway, the break at is ok. It's a little to simmilar to the main theme, and it kinda leaves me with a feeling that the break isn't there at all.

The main theme begins at 1:51 again. It's still nice, but it a qlimax needs something extra. You know, that little something that makes it more kick ass then the rest of the song. What you did, though, was practicly copying the part from 0:27 to 0:54 and put it in again.

Anyway, you did really well on the mastering (as the description suggested), and I have no idea why anyone would ram the 0 buttom without a propper reason:S
I'm not saying this song has no flaws, 'cause it definately have a few, but it's WAY past the 0 rating:)

I'll give you 4/5 and 7/10:)

DJ-Janze responds:

wow thank you very much ! :) i know what you are talking about. you can call this radio remix , it starts so suddenly like you say. and everything you say is so true, i remaster this tune today night , i upload new version tomorrow. your comment is helpfull! i try your help ;) comment tomorrow the new version, i try to be more creative.


That was very, very good. I just wish that the higher synths had a bit more volume to them. I was expecting them to "punch" me in the face, and they never did. But besides that, everything was kick-ass. VERY good job =D

DJ-Janze responds:

i try your tips too :) it gonna rock then more i hope. helpfull comments , thank yo.

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Dec 11, 2008
5:52 PM EST
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