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Dedicated to all the great Dance artists on newgroudns (Bounc3, Psybot, F-777, Nal1200, Sp1r1t, Envy, ZeRoBaSs, Kr1z...sorry if I forgot someone XD).

Specially dedicated to dj-Nate, because as you can see, this track is heavily influenced by his style and his music has been an extraordinary inspiration to me! <3 U NATE ^.~


WOOOW!!! OMG!!! I just realised this song is been featured on the Best Of Week!!! Thanks everyone that helped me, your the best guys ^^,

Oh and an apologize to Sp1r1t, I wrote his name wrong the first time XD

Really hope you enjoy this! ^.~



Are you sure this is yours? I've heard this song somewhere else before...specifically by Neon Lights as Blizzaine specifically said. I honestly wonder if you didn't just copy... ah well, The beat is over used and somewhat annoying, but other than that the song is okay....


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6 for the effort, all the other stuff actually been said in the review below me.

AndreaDigita responds:

You guys are being extremely rude to me unnecessarily..... :(


Also, this style of music (fast, big kick, etc) is called "hard house," not dance. Though, the happy melody could classify it as dance...

This song is far to happy for my taste. It's far too happy for my lifestyle. I can't see this played at a party. In fact, I don't want to see this at a party.

Though, you did put a considerable amount of work into it...Good job on that. Hard work always makes good music. I wish I could do that. I can crank out one mediocre song a day, if I try, but this is way out of my 1-day range.

Try to slow it down. It's such a waste. Bangbangbangbangbangbangbang is no good. Though that melody may not sound so nice slowed down. Aaagh, I can't decide.

AndreaDigita responds:

Hard house??? wft!!! Fuck off abuser >:(


Mmm I like cheEZE trance! u forgot paragonx9 btw.

AndreaDigita responds:

Paragon doenst make Dance, she makes D&B :(

Are you serious?

Generic tracks like this are why I've decided to stop submitting here - how do generic, Nexus- and VEC-abusing, virtually effortless tracks like this make it up to Weekly 3rd? I don't care that I haven't even looked for something better, this couldn't be the third best song submitted all week.


Seriously, that's in caps for a reason.

- You used a Nexus loop preset, OF ALL THINGS, for your bass synth. It's a plain saw synth, playing a preset rhythm (with a kick on top, that doesn't do the track any good either).

- You used a supersaw (which is, what do you know, a Nexus preset!) for your lead. Just as original as your chord progression.

- You used a 16th-note bell arp. Also overplayed.

- You used a "come on" voice sample that doesn't fit at all.

- Your kick is obvious as a Vengeance kick. Even if you say you got it somewhere else, which you might have, it's still blatantly Vengeance. Layer it with other kicks, and tweak/EQ/etc. the samples, to disguise the Vengeance sound.

- Your clap is thin and generic, your hihat line is an open hihat on the offbeat and then a 16th-note closed hihat rhythm playing inconsistently. Also unoriginal.

- The FX in the end muddies the mix until towards the end of the sound.

- The kick and snare roll rhythms are decent, I'll give you that - but considering how generic the track is, I somewhat doubt you even wrote them. The FX is no doubt a preset sample.

Listen to more music before you make your next track, generic tracks aren't worth anyone's time and the only reason this has become as popular as it is, is because it's in the Weekly Best. And this could possibly be the most generic track I've ever heard. And why would I, or anyone else, want to listen to your music over the music of someone else who makes the same genre of music, but much better, more often, and more originally than you do? http://karcoreviewalt.newgrounds.com/ - read it and commit it to memory. I wrote it just for cases like this.

No doubt I'll get flamed for this review - nearly two years of making and critiquing music like this couldn't mean anything in comparison to some random kid who's browsing through the Top 5, could it? And it's definitely easier to believe all these people giving you 10 reviews, but believe me - this crowd will praise anything, unless it's downright noise and spam. You're not better than anyone else in getting their support, as they'll support anyone they find on the Weekly Top 5.

Last point, I may seem harsh, but I'm not all-out flaming you, rather, I'm criticising your track. Perhaps in a fairly angry way, but it's criticism regardless. And in any case, does simple praise improve people at all?

End of rant/review.

AndreaDigita responds:

Okay look...

I just started producing music and I might not be as good music maker as you...Im sorry if you think this track doesnt deserves its place on the top5 but that wasnt for me to decide, even I was impressed when I saw it (and extremely happy about it, I wont lie), but a thing that I wont tolerate is you giving me low scores with full criticizing reviews and NO help at all.

Reviews like this doesnt help an artist, its just the kind of review that tries to kill the popularity the artist is getting, but your review is completely useless to me, theres not even good constructive criticism on it, you just told me a very long list of things you thought were bad but you didnt gave me any tips to get better...

I just got this awesome opportunity of getting some exposure and now I can finally be able to get recognition for my future tracks (which will be obviously A LOT much better than this one), I promise I wont let you guys down...but you must understand my objective when making this song was to gather all of the different styles (of the dance artists) Ive heard on newgrounds and incorporate them into the song and adding new original elements created by me (like the snare roll you mentioned, I made that, its no sample or present of any kind and the last "FX" you mentioned, which I made it also using a bassdrum sample and pitching it up), perhaps thats why you consider this track EXTREMELY generic, but that was somehow the objective, to make newgrounders say "hey, I recognise that style from Envy!" or "WOW! Thats dj-Nate's style!", I hope you can get my point. (And btw, I did made the chord progression, its not a Midi or sample of any kind, you can look around the portal or on dj-Nate's account, YOU WONT FIND THE EXACT SAME MELODY ANYWHERE >:( AND THIS IS IN CAPS FOR A REASON!)

Sorry, but for my consideration you were extremely rude to me and complained about the unfairness on newgrounds and many things totally unrelated to this, so for me, your review is totally useless.....

Thanks for nothing.

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Oct 17, 2008
6:57 PM EDT
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