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Spirit of War - Monolith

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Author Comments

Monolith no longer exsists and hasn't since '05. This was part of our second demo. Another Todd Production try not to focus on the guitar tone too much. It's pretty progressive stuff.

Monolith was:

Danny Reich(Eternalreich) - Guitars
Matt Bryson(MindOverMatt) - Bass
Shane Whaley(towermonolith) - Vocals
Eric Douglas - Guitars
Eric Stidham - Drums



monolith should play some live shows or at leasst make some new music this shits sick

Eternalreich responds:

prolly not gonna happen. me and the bass player wrote most of these songs, weve been working together a lot ever since. most bass stuff on my songs were done by him, mindovermatt.

Kick-ass song!

I think I fallen in love with this song... *gasp* Anyway, I feel so tuned in with the guitar riffs especially the mix of vocals that were used in this song. It really adds up nicely.

Stay fuckin' metal! \m/

Eternalreich responds:

awesome. thanks for the suport.

Maiden !

Instrumental-wise, it sounded very Maiden-ish, especially at the begining. Though, it gets progressive after the first music, I freaking enjoyed it. You guys are fucking virtuosos, it make me dream :3. Incredible guitar job as always, respect. The vocals were great, I loved how there are sometimes clean vocals and then bloody ass vocals, excellent mix. At 1:55, the vocals reminded me of Judas Priest, a very good point in my opinion. Overall this is a masterpiece, the sound quality could have been better, it's obvious, though I like this oldschool touch. It reminds me of Maiden and old Metallica, so I can't complain. 5'd.

Eternalreich responds:

Most excellent keep up the metal fury.

Lawl at MindoverMatt...

I recorded a band that did that. It annoyed the fuck out of me.
I had my back turned, playing with the levels, trying to get it kinda balanced out, and I say 'How's that sounding, guys?' and turn around and there's one guy standing there, and he says 'Um, I think they went to smoke.'
I wanted to punch a bitch. Especially since I was doing it for free, as a favor to my stepbrother.
Anyways, as for the song...
Not bad. I kinda like it. Not like you can change anything anyway, so you get a 10 and 5.
Keep up the metal, bro.

Eternalreich responds:

yeah it was a little frustrating but it was a home recording enviornment. and he cut us a deal so we did are best.

Cool man.

Love that you upload this old stuff man. Awesome .

Current Score

4.00 / 5.00 (+ 0.23)

Eternalreich responds:

ya gots to show your roots n shit.

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4.10 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2008
1:05 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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