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Classical dead bodies. How about some constructive criticism, I often hear "Uh I love it" or "Uh that's crap". A few sentences more would help me to become aware of what exactly you like oder dislike. Then, maybe, I could change or keep something for the next time.

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if you could lower the bass than it would be better.
only a bit not too much


Those pussies, i love this over distorted stuff they never listened to converter :P I would change one thing honestly and that would be for it to be in my collection of noise :) I can't get enough of this, can i remix this track i kind of have a noise fetish ill be uploading my noise pretty soon so be sure to give them a review :)

Teddybeere responds:

Sure you may. Sometimes I think some users here should listen to some Terrorfakt and then try to complain about my distortion (:

Good composition...

Just waaaaaaaaaaaay too loud. You need to compress something here. Hell, I lowered my volume, and your kick is still giving me a headache. Learn how to mix your volumes, and keep everything below 0db. I really can't criticize on anything here, because everything is just too loud, and all I can hear is laser kinda sounds with a 8-bit snare, and heavy kick.

Hard stuff, man.

And actually, I'm kinda diggin the snare. In the very least because it's something that's really making this track stand out for me. Hard distortions and hard beats are the signature of this piece. I think I'd have toned certain parts down to enhance the listenability of the work, however, that bringing me to the next point.

Main issue for me is that it felt like I just listened to the same minute and a half piece three times. Of course I know I didn't, and there are some variations in your transitions, as well as some division between major segments of the piece, though when you're running so much distortion through a set of human ears in order to elevate your sound to anything above noise you'll have to come up with equally hardcore ways to mix it up enough to keep it interesting. My gut tells me this calls for dramatic tempo shifts at critical points for starters. I think this could be made a lot better with that kind of thinking in mind.

One thing's certain though- I definitely respect how you went balls to the wall hardcore with this thing. Definitely.

Teddybeere responds:

Okay... Maybe with a band-pass along the backround drums and the bass? That should reduce the amount of noise and let the listeners recognize the varying parts. Thank you for the heavyset review, I think I'm going to overwork this and upload it again. Sorry for the morons that tagged all your reviews as useless, I really esteem them.


It's fun- not a bad song by any means, but if it really is just the distortion on the snare as you say, you still oughta lighten up on it. I actually thought at first that everything except the bass, cymbal, and sfx was just being crushed to hell. Makes everything all muddy.

Got no general complaints though, it'd just be nice if you lightened up on that. If everything is too loud why not just readjust the volumes? You have to have run this thing through a multi-channel mixer or a DAW with a mixer or something, right?

Teddybeere responds:

Thank you for thinking about it, I'm going to mix it up again with each soundtrack lowered. And by the way, everything is a little bit distorted, even the HHs and the Lazers.

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Sep 8, 2008
6:50 AM EDT
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