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[SD] SMB2 - Mario + Vegetables

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Ahh Super Mario Bros 2, that weird game where you can kill enemies by pulling out vegetables and throwing them at their faces. This is a fun song. Thanks to JKS for the sheet base!

Enjoy. :o

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Felt like it got scratchier/distorted midway through, but otherwise good!

This is a great remake.

ah this is great recap for a kid in the good o'l days with a $50 NES and spending loan money from mom and dad or moms boob money :3 so when this came out it was a blast but when they played it they went from :DDD to flatline .______. in 1.255555555555554 secs so this wasnt a REAL mario game with mario consepts to this very day i got it still from 1985: mario bros, donkey kong, smb, smb2, smb3, smw, smw2, mario kart: that is a mario system i got all those too so if you say this is not a mario game it is with all mario characters and even peach and toad so it is a great mario game..... but luigi's manshion i can say thats the worst mario charaecter based game ever!

Ah, This brings me back to the good ol' days. I really miss mario classics like this, but Im so busy these days. Great song by the way. :D

mario be trippin...