Entransient (Demo)

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Well, I've been working on this for awhile. At the moment, I'm sort of stuck on where to take it. Any comments on that would help greatly. I do plan on building on this when I get the chance. The mixing is very minimal and there is no mastering so please bear it. Additionally, I know the drums need a bit of work. They are my weak point and comments there would be awesome too.

Also, it would be useful to know if you think this should stay this length instead of being lengthened.

Hope you guys like this. Please vote fairly and thanks in advance for any comments.


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I like this song alot the piano is perfect, and while the drums could use a little work, that's the only thing that sets this song apart from being awesome and perfect. I'd change the sound of the drums to be a bit harder because to me the drums sound a bit soft. Good piece though!

5/5 stars & 9/10

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review man, I'll look into adjusting the drums. I think I still have to mix the drums in a bit more. Anyways, I'm glad you liked this, thanks for the review!


Very nice

I'm a DJ myself, and I usually look for inspiration in my pieces, I have yet to make a fully recorded track, but i'm slowly getting there. And your piece is a deffinite bit of fresh air for one with a bit of trance block. XD

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the comments.


This is awesome!

This is pretty awesome, I like the instruments & the way it flows! I'm making a CD full of tracks from Newgrounds (Currently on my 3rd CD) & I want to put this & I'm A Wreck on it since they are both amazing! =D
10/10 Stars & 5/5.


SinJim responds:

Thanks for the comments! If you're just making the CD for yourself, that's fine but if you're distributing it, remember to give credit ;). Thanks again for the review, I'll let you know if I come out with more similar to these.



This is a really cool and unique piece, I enjoyed it. I think the strong points of the song is both the piano and the well done ambience; the piano with delay sounds REALLY good, and its coupled really well by all the sounds you include in the background (such as the bells). The ambience is also very well made and mastered, its a good saw-ish background that adds to the bigger parts but doesn't detract much either.

The parts I didn't like were the were the lead synth and the drums. For whatever reason, I just didn't find the lead synth that appealing; later on in the song, when its matched with the piano it sounds much better, but earlier on in the song when it stands by itself I just didn't find that power and sound I was kinda hoping for. This could be personal preferance, but I think you could probably add to it a bit. Other thing would be the kick. I don't think it was quite as powerful or as effective as it could have been, but again, could simply be my preference, and after all this isn't really a dance song. I would say just plug the kick into fruity parametric eq2 and play around with things until you get a sound you like.

Overall, this sounds really neat, its incredibly unique and has a great sound.
you got a 5 from me :D

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review Gloudas. I'll fiddle around with the kick a bit. Sometimes I'm into the punchy in-your-face kicks but sometimes I prefer these. I guess it sort of depends on the mood I'm in when I choose it. Also, I'll rethink the lead a bit. I like how it sounds when I opened up the filter towards the middle when it's coupled with the piano but I might be able to change the synth a bit. Like I said with the kick, I'll fiddle around with it.

I'm glad you liked (most of) this; hopefully I'll be coming up with more like this but we'll see. Right now I'm working on an orchestral piece for the Trembling Madness MAC. Thanks again for the comments!


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Aug 23, 2008
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