~EnV~Demo Mix 2!

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Sorry about more demos! But I've had the biggest writers block so i can start but not finish songs!
Here's whats on the venue this time!

Melo 16 00:00 - 01:06
Up first, a continuation of where I left off on Melo 16! Still havn't decided on a name, so keep giving your thoughts on that. Anyways, this is exactly where I left off before so you should be able to get right into it if you heard the first demo mix. Not much else to say about it.

Set me free 01:06 - 01:40
If you read my news posts then you've already heard this. Not really going to describe it, since it's on youtube and in my news post as I previously said. Anyways, production is slow, my girlfriend is gonna come over and re sing the vocals cause we decided to make it the best we can. The song is called "Set me Free."

Melo 23 01:40 - 3:30
As you can see this is probably the longest song on the mix. Doesn't mean its the best or has the most work put into it. I actually just started this one a few days ago, I was going for something a little different. It's all self explanitory in the music. Some problems with transitions will be fixed when my writers block wears off.

Now comes the remix section!

Rock Shock n Dominate Remix 03:32 - 04:12
Well... If you like B0UNC3 again, you've probably heard this song. Probably my favorite song on his demo mix apart from Jam. I wasn't planning on continuing, I was just seeing what I could do with it. Yeah not much else to say here. Enjoy this one. OH yeah, the piano arp can and will be fixed I just threw that in there last minute.

Genos Forest Remix 04:12 - 04:54
Just a remix of Genos forest with a rob mayth style melo. I was listening to "Holy Virgin" by him and was like hmmmmm I want to make a melody like that. And at the same time I was figuring out the genos forest melody by ear so I decided to throw in little notes here and there to spice it up. Enjoy!

More Generic Techno 04:54 - 05:12
Yep thats what I named it, more generic techno. Self explanitory really, I made this last night in about 10 minutes, don't really know why I threw it in here. I just did. really nothing else to say, you either like it or you don't 8D.

Chaoz Fantasy 05:12 - End

I figure this one will stur up the most action be it controversy or excitement. Yep, Envy remixed Paragon. (Don't shoot me because it's dance and not DnB) Thats the point. The arp was too irresistable to NOT remix. Anyways it started when some guy said that he could figure out the chaoz fantasy arp for us (because we needed him to do that... /sarcasm) So I remade it to be an ass and prove to him that it wasn't hard. Though I never told him or showed him, so I guess I was just figuring out the melody. Anyways, Chaoz fantasy remix... Not much else to say. Should I continue or not? I'm not sure where else to go really. Enjoy anyways.



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more generic techno=rawest forest


The song sounds amazing. How you made that? Uhm....

Genos Forest Remix 04:12 - 04:54

>:( Why isn't this a full-fledged song yet.

Tell me.

That's the most AMAZING remix I've ever HEARD of Genos Forest! It's got this... like... gosh... a hyped-up, jumping, fighting, happy... jumble of awesome. It's so hard to describe, but the feeling I get is just epic. It's like the final battle. A victory, end-of-the-war-reprise of everyone's favorite song.
At LEAST make it a loop -_- C'MON.

set me free

plz finish set me free i love this song <3

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