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Metical - Revolution

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Author Comments

Ok so uh, I started a concept for this a while ago, it was like .30 seconds of progression. I picked it up a week or so ago, and wrote the other... 5 minutes. I think its a pretty strong piece of music. Big piano intro, it runs into a full choir and string main movement, and then pulls back to piano. I over wrote the progression for about 2 minutes, and slowly pulled various parts out and sequenced backwards up untill the "hip hop esq" breakdown with the strings and oboe. I think its pretty cool. Uhhh... I may have gone overboard on the percussion, but I think it kinda makes it original and a little less boring. Just generally easier to listen to and appreciate the less busy aspects of the piece. Then we go through a transitional nightmare or key changes and progressions, untill you arrive at a miserably happy/sad orchestral break that might be one of the biggest brassy sounds I've writte. Then it goes into 3/4 for a piano move, and some spiccato string runs that remind me of the original Romeo and Juliet theme if anyoen cares or knows what I'm getting at. Then a big ending. Blah blah blah.

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Sucks to ruin your 10/10 score...

...but I can't give you a 10/10. In my opinion the melodies in this song are GENIUS, and you seem to manage to retain such brilliant melodies for the whole five minutes and a half that this song plays in, but the song feels rushed. Certain aspects of it feel somewhat half-assed, for lack of better word. Even though I downloaded this song and listen to it constantly because of all of its amazing melodies, I can't help but think this has quite a way to go before I can call it perfect.

Now, like I already said, in the paragraph above, the composition really shines in this track, and it's the main reason why I downloaded this track and listen to it so much. I just loved each melody you did - not only were they really well-made and catchy, but they have a certain uplifting sound to them, more so in the second half of the song. The piano melody at the beginning would probably be my favourite though - it really sounds beautiful, and leaves me pretty much speechless.

The instrument choice was great too. While some of the instruments aren't amazing quality (the high strings especially sound a tad bit thin), this is hardly a problem because you manage to fill the mix with a wonderful amount of depth thanks to your use of plenty of instruments - choirs, brass, double basses, you name it. You also have an interesting set of instruments - a piano playing emotional melodies, an orchestra with a more uplifting sound and all of this complimented by a hip-hop beat throughout. It works surprisingly well.

Moving onto the structure, and here's where I'll have to complain. Sorry but your structure is pretty much all over the place. While I like it that you're introducing melody after melody and each one sounds excellent, I can't help but think that the song's structure is one of the reasons why I see this as rushed. Even by reading your author's comments you almost say yourself that the song's structure is messy. The bad transitions didn't help much too, which brings me to my next point.

Transitions were... not good, I'm afraid. Sure, you have some good transitions, but on the whole a lot of them were iffy and they're another indication that this song sounds rushed. I'll comb through the song pointing out some transitions which in my opinion need work and others which were nice:

0:12 - I like the entrance of the drums. A good transition.
0:24 - Not liking this one :(. Drums exit out of nowhere, and then come in out of nowhere later on. Sounds a bit weird.
0:56 - No offense, but this transition is by far the worst in the track :P. Far too abrupt.
1:25 - A bit of a smoother transition. Not phenomenal, but decent.
2:34 - Here you randomly take the drums out and put them back in again. Like I said before, this sounds weird, although I wouldn't worry about it too much.
2:40 - I would've liked another long note from the orchestra to play and fade out gradually over here to smoothen the transition a bit more.
3:31 - Another abrupt transition.
3:56 - A bad transition. Quite random...
4:15 - Ah, this is an excellent transition. Love it.
4:34 - That's MUCH better. By far my favourite transition in the whole track. Really superb man - it's got such an uplifting sound to it. Too many random snare roll and cymbal hits later on though :P.
4:56 - Not terrible, although another sudden transition to 4/4 here.
5:23 - I suggest fading your final note out a bit, because when it loops to the piano intro it sounds odd.

I don't have much to say about the production. EQing was decent, although it has room for improvement, especially in the percussion section because the drums often got drowned out by the cluttered mix. Volume levels were spot on though.

And that's about it. I have more to say about the song but alas, I'm out of characters. I hope you find my review useful, and let me just say that this is still a really great submission. Sorry to ruin your perfect 10 score, but in any case, I still enjoyed this submission a lot. Sublime composition and a great atmosphere too. Keep it up and work on those transitions!

-Review Request Club-

I have to agree with the person below me...

I can't really write a review cause this is too kick ass, HOWEVER I'll give you an instant ten!


Sorry for the capitalized lettters, but you know, I'm excited.
Very very cool song. It sounds a little popish, but ... this timee I don't care.
Thank you for this piece. :)

Edirol Orch is your bitch. I know.

Good work!

It's very good, but (there's always "but") it will be better with some black man or woman singing and raping with some text about love or something that breaks heart. However i gives you 10/10 .


I never liked rap, or techno that much, but this song introduced me to another whole genre! thanks for that, and good luck on any other projects!

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4.95 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2008
11:06 PM EDT
File Info
5 MB
5 min 29 sec

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