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Outbreak [ELITE ReMaster]

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This song was originally a MIDI made by my friend and fellow NG user, carlohmf. It used to consist of only what you hear before the dual MIDI guitars, but I remixed it and added every other part, so it's almost actually an original composition inspired by the original Outbreak. As one of my older compositions, this one is exclusively MIDI and is one of the many MIDI songs I've composed.




Lets get straight to the review. The bass drum kicks are really pathetic, I'm not going to soften that blow. The guitar is also pretty weak compared to most of your works. The entire song is really bland and needs a lot to it. Yeah, obviously this was a long time ago for you. My personal problem is that I made 30 seconds or so of the melody to Castle Lololo in FL9, then I learned that the music standard these days is soooo much higher, and I gave up because I was worried it would suck. I think that when I get the time, probably around summer, I will finish it up and maybe have my friend give me some ideas if need be. Anyways, on with the review, overall the song is bland. It almost sounds as if you have literally no bass at all in it. The only thing that sounds somewhat like your current things is the harp, and you rarely use that anyways. Haha the 3 year difference really shows xD


rtnario responds:

Hahaha XD Well, let me start with one factor you don't seem to know: this is the sound of MIDI. As in, literally MIDI, Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth or something along those lines--a sound that I always loved because it was part of my foray into the world of digital music composition. But of course, compared to professional standards, literally converting a MIDI into MP3 without thinking about any other factors (EQ, compression, balance, complete sound, all that) was something I didn't even begin to understand when I made this XD;; I just gave melodies and let MIDI do the work o: Yeah, I guess this will always be my style of composing, which is why you hear familiar favorite elements of mine *coughharpcough* :D

And if ever you finish a song, be sure to let me know, I need to pay you back for all the help you've given me regardless if you want it or not! >:D Thanks for the review!


It sounds like something out of Final Fantasy VIII...

You wouldn't happen to be channeling Nobuo Uematsu, would you?

rtnario responds:

Err, he's not dead; I can't channel him XD I can however be inspired :) Thanks!

Now where did I hear this song before?

I agree with the user below. You should make a remixed version of this, perhaps in FL Studio. And make it awesome ok? Add squares and then add epic winds, strings, and whatnot. Of course, you should ask permission from the author just in case he doesn't want you to remix this since it's already awesome.

(If you read this review, kindly read rtnario's "New Desciption")

... XD

rtnario responds:



This song's got heart!

You should upload a remake of it woth real instruments, and if possible, vocals.
It'd make it to the Portal's Best Songs Ever in no time.

rtnario responds:

After I suggested you try Trump Card Alteisen, you go to my even older works XDD

Maybe, I might. This is one of my earlier songs (you saw that it was submitted 2008 right?) so I'm not sure. I'm working on my newer projects right now, but the thought will stay in mind.

Thanks for the review, for the third time =)


i see that u did this earlier... i must say, u learned very much... indeed^^
but, for the melody u (or ur friend? share it^^) get 2/5, for the remix (well, i don't know what it sounded like before... but now its cool, so other 2/5 points for u.
that makes u get
4/5 8/10
MfG FrEzil

rtnario responds:

By "learned very much", to me that is one summer vacation with much more dedication towards my life as a musician. =)

And actually, the really original melody was nothing more than the small two-piano bridge you hear before the MIDI solos. Yes, that was it; everything else was original, including the verses and the chorus.

Also, I have not given up MIDI composing; not by a long shot. I actually have much more original content in MIDI than I have in MP3. They're not publicly available though. ^^'

Thanks for the review! (1 down, 5 to go)

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May 7, 2008
3:38 AM EDT
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