Wizex - Can you hear me now?

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i know i have to work on the drums a bit. But hey. I'm still a rookie :] tell me what you think.


Find the samples :)

FL has alot of hidden goodies in it. There are many samples for drums and kicks that are hidden away in the files. Your drums don't sound very Danceish so you gotta find one thats more of a kick just try not to overuse the standard samples too much.

The best way to get attention from your songs is to use original synths that you made using some VSTI. If you do use a preset try to mix and mod the sound so it comes out your style and not preset style. About half of newgrounds knows the presets for sytrus already so try to avoid them.

Once you get a handle of the program the structure of a song will become more apparent with the sounds you are creating to compliment your lead and bass.

If you need any help you can add me up to your AIM list if you want. Can find it on my newgrounds page. Can send a PM too.

Good luckwith your future songs.

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I can tell you're still a rookie, but since I was given this review, I thought it might be wise to return the favor. By "this review," I'm talking about a lengthy review on an early submission of mine. I'll try to help you out as much as I can.

First off, this is definitely FL Studio, definitely preset synths. Here's what I'd try to do if I were you. First of all, think of a basic structure in measures, or bars. Try to keep your song to that structure. That will help you think around it, and get phrases to work.

Next thing you want to do might be the drums. For a basic drum, try one of the kick drums in the "Dance" section. You might also want to try the Fruity Kick plugin, and mess with the settings. That will give you the steady dance beat you are looking for! Don't be afraid to mess around, experimenting is the best way to learn these programs! :D

Next, lets look at the synths. They are complex, synths, I'm sure you didn't design them yourself. I bet they are Sytrus presets. That's not a bad thing per-se. Its just that many people will recognize them! Try to make your own! Mess with Sytrus. If it starts to make some sense, then make some basic synths. Otherwise, try messing with that "3xOsc" plugin you see! It seems basic at first, but it is a good road to learning other plugins. Do you know how to assign tracks to the mixer? If not, then go to my page and check the FL Studio tutorial. That will teach you. Otherwise, let me address the final part of this song.

The mixing. That is simply getting the levels all right so its fine. You see the "Master" insert on the mixer? That should have a volume light on there. If it goes over "+0", then you need to fix the mixing. That can be done by lowering the volume levels of tracks! Its really just that easy :) Lower the levels until it sounds alright. Your song will be a bit quieter, but that's not a serious issue!

Since you obviously have ideas, and understand melodies, keep at it! Keep trying and working! http://kvraudio.com/ is a good site for finding plugins once you get more advanced (don't ask me how to install them).

Here are a few tips about Newgrounds: You are going to get 0ed or low voted. A lot! I know from experience, it happens to everyone! All you can do is simply not trust the scores. Trust on what people tell you! People actually read your reviews and I'm sure you do too. Remember that people also look for responses, so its good to respond to each and every review you get! Keep that in mind when you improve so that you get lots of reviews!

Anyways, it was definitely a good track for a rookie! Keep at it! :)

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Wizex responds:

Thank you, this really gets me even more pumped up to make more!
i'll be checking your tutorial :]

Greets, glenn


You're right, the drum track could use some work. This is yet another piece that seems like it should have more variation or be cut down and made into a loop. As it is, it just seems kinda repetitive to me and doesn't have anything to make it particularly interesting to listen to.

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Wizex responds:


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