Nav - Space Sequence

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This is a trance song that I worked really hard on. Thanks to Endlessnumber and Karco for the help, and Rig for the title! Enjoy! :)

Its mastered now.

I fixed it again. Mixing does not suck anymore.

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Good song man, i like the beat its catchy, but what do you mean by "mathematical" space? as far as i can tell, there is no mathematical definition for "space," but merely a literary definition for "space." but the name kinda fits if you don't over think it.

Nav responds:

Thanks :)

Space is simply the 3-dimensional plane of matter, where prisms exist. Don't think about that. :P

I really like it man.

This track makes me feel happy, calm, and content with my surroundings. All of your compistions are superb, especially your DnB with their own original feels and tastes.

Hope to maybe collab with you someday, perhaps get some ideas off you, and you can get some ideas off me.

Nav responds:

:D Thanks!

Quite possibly :P


Just as awesome as always, Nav.

Nav responds:

Thanks! :D


I already talked to you on MSN regarding this track a while ago but I'll review it too.. I first thought it started off kinda slow, but listening the second time around I can really feel a groove with it and easily let it loop without getting tired of it.

Some very good synth production as expected from you Nav! The square (?) ones you open with fits well in the buildup. I really enjoyed the backing chord progression too, as it was my favorite part and element of the track. It was one of the chord progressions that stuck really well with me. and when the snare rims came in, I had to get up and dance a bit. The rest has a real crisp, refreshing trance sound.

as far as it sounding spacey, not a whole lot much IMO- as I'm used to space music having weird, creepy synths and dissonant melodies and such. It does have a sort of a friendly type of farewell feel to it tho, so I guess it could be used in a scene where a spaceship takes off from Earth. It actually reminds me a bit of the old school Streets of Rage series for the Genesis.

nice samples and mixing too, I dont think I can find a complaint with this one. Other than the bassline was pretty simple and repetive, but I didnt find that to be a problem really.

I really do like this track so I think I'm going to reorganize my positions tonight and put this in my top 4. Keep on it, I hope to hear more from you soon.

Nav responds:

Haha, sorry about the title. Rig made it. I thought it fit, but then again: I was thinking of mathematical "Space," and a simple sequence, of numbers (or chords)!

Thanks for the great review! :)

P.S. Yep, that's a square!

At first....but then

At first i was in club mood with this song but then it broke off into this more calm, loose, and yet pumpin. Wheneversome one hands me a load of shit i can listen to this, get over it, and go on with my day. This song makes me just brush off my problems and relax.

p.s for thoes of you who are old enough this reminds me of snowboard kids

Nav responds:

:D Thanks for the review! :)

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Apr 2, 2008
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