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Gotta Drink Some Tea

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This one is jazzy, playful, a bit lonely, a bit sad and happy, with a trumpet solo and sax. Comment on the drums and solo, please ! =)

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Very Catchy!

I downloaded this song about a year ago, but I just now decided to write a review. xD Sorry?

Simple, yet original! One of my favorite songs to have downloaded from NG. Good job. :D I find myself playing this on my saxophone sometimes...

And as a response to a previous review, jazz is such a general term that this really could fit under the category. There are so many different genres that branch from just the word "jazz" that you can't just reject something from it.

No, the eighths aren't swung, but try listening to a few versions of, let's see, Girl from Ipanema? A Child is Born? It's a good idea to keep an open mind when listening to something under jazz.

Something I've been taught about improvising in jazz is that "if it sounds good, it is good". This song is quite good sir. :)

A smooth trip

I really have to praise this piece of music for its pleasantness and overall feeling of relaxing. It really does sound like something you would go and have some tea over. I thought it was indeed similar to jazz, as a sort of easy form of it.

Romwell responds:

Thank you, Ericho!


I'm really loving this. What software did you make this in? Fruity Loops? Sounds awesome, loving that piano!

Romwell responds:

Thanks! I used Cubase SX-3 with 4Front Piano module for piano (freeware !)

I can hear it

I can just hear people going "Tea. Gotta drink some tea. Gotta drink some tea yeah. Gotta drink some tea. Gotta drink some right now. Do you drink tea with sugar? I don't mind. Black or white, day or night. I just really really really really really really really really love tea" I think it's awesome. If you didn't have lyrics yet there are some very unimaginative ones.

Wow I really need some tea. THE POWER OF SUGGESTION CONTROLS MY MIND!!!!

Romwell responds:

Yeah, I don't have lyrics yet, and what I had in mind was nearly the same as what you wrote, especially the beginning =)

Nice Song!

I don't really feel the title "Gotta Drink Some Tea" when listening to the song but it was still great!

Very nice song and great job on the drums and solo!


Romwell responds:

Thank you! "Gotta drink some tea" is the first 5 notes =)