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Energy - [viz]

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Author Comments

Im back to sumbitting frequently! I have alot of new stuff to bring too...my last sumbission was in 07 and Ive made plenty of songs, just really never felt they were complete, and there much much better...but finally I finished this one and Ive had a break through so expect alot more...

also expect a collab between me and my friend (dj-unknown) - check him out


very nice

What the hell is that? A crowd of like 4000000 people snapping their fingers? Or just 400 peoples clapping? 'twas fun, but it lacks attack- it's not used much at all so it's not a big issue at all. Fun stuff, decent drums (although I'd like em louder), completely useless vox sample :P, everything's generally good (and I'm in a rush lol), so I'll just hand out a 5 and 10

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DJ-VIZ responds:

hahaha what "the hell is that"- yeah i guess you could say that...again with the hate for my vox :] lol thanks for the review

Fuck yeah!

You dropped a comment on my page asking me to check out this tune. I don't mind.

This sounds GREAT. It's a little better than some of the stuff I've been hearing in the portal lately. Nice and REFRESHING, thank you.

You're not gonna delete all your tracks are you? That'd be a shame. You're pretty young by the way and you're making some pretty nice tunes. That's some real talent. Work with it.

This song to me is about a 9 right now. I'm not sure what you could have done to bust this into a 10 for me but it's pretty damn nice I have to say. Keep it up and I don't see much reason for you to delete your tracks btw. I listened to some of the others and they're pretty good too. Anyway, thanks for dropping the comment on my page. Take care.

9 / 10 + 5/5 Have a good one.

DJ-VIZ responds:

Thanks for the review!
I commented on my post about your question

Melody = cool, Mixing = so,so

Cool cheerful melody ^_^
Nice use of vox (from VEC2 soundpack,amirite? :P)
Its awesome,but it should be mixed in a different way.
You go to my favorite artists list anyway.
PS. Try to mix it again and maybe master it. You'll get 10/10 from me ^_^

DJ-VIZ responds:

Thanks, and yes vox are from the VEC2 soundpack :]

I agree that the format of the song could be better, but as Ive said before I was getting bored with the song and honestly didnt want to put in anymore time into it.... I have this new song im making that I had to work on ! so i just sumbitted this to get it out the way lol...anyway thanks again for the review, and id like to know when your song for that demo comes out!

Hey long time no see

Cool, a collab. Let's see how it went.

1) Happy intro. I always like happy stuff.
2) Happy hardcore with lots of white noise. 41 seconds in I like that percussion.
3) 54 seconds hah. Is that someone vox? Anyway the bass is very nice. Few fx here and there work well too.
4) Fitting. Energy vox for a song named energy. Where did you get that vox?

1) !! at 13 seconds I think the transition was too quick. Quiet to super loud. Maybe a smoother transition in your future stuff.
2) 1:34 I was expecting a bigger climax, but the same stuff. I suppose the song is pretty short so you didn't need much diversity.
3) Hah. Okay the cheering loop is good for lots of songs. But a cheering crowd to applaud the end of the song is a bit strange

This was surprisingly easy to review. Lots of energy made it fun to review. The problem is that you boosted quickly into the climax which forced you to drag on the song at the same energy level rather than build up. I was hoping for more with that strange vox part. Only bass/percussion/and vox? Add another instrument on top to build up to something. Anyway, this is a huge improvement from your older stuff. Well done (goes to dj-unknown too) and I finally posted that trance song of mine. You get 9/10 rev and 5/5 vote

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DJ-VIZ responds:

Yeah everything you said was 100 percent on...

I was getting so tired of working on it that I just sumbitted! considering I havent sumbitted in months...unfortunatly my big climax was so early, and it was really hard to introduce something even bigger... I enjoy the break with the deep club bass and the sliced vox, maybe shouldve added it in again somewhere....

Well done (goes to dj-unknown too) and I finally posted that trance song of mine. You get 9/10 rev and 5/5 vote

-- I made this by myself, well I guess dj unknown gave me some advice on it, but this wasnt our collab maybe you skimmed through my commentary, but anyway were working on a collab, I hope turns out well.... Thanks for taking the time to review and Ill check out your song deffinitly

remember me?

hmm...maybe you don't remember...you gave me a review for that old song of mine, Club Scene.

Now, I got signed to a minor record label as a collab, and am working with a vocalist, and have a song currently in the top scoring list here on NG. What am I getting at? I'm climbing that ladder, and you were one of the people who heard my starting stuff, which I have to say was junk. MC BigBoy is no more, btw. lol. gay name.

anyways, this is a good song. what can make it better? more FX, I guess. I dunno. it's pretty good as a song right now, but if you want some more advice, I'd say

1. More FX
2. Longer breakdowns
3. work with the channel automations more, i guess....
4. have a more complex bass. i'm a culprit of it as well. off-beat basslines...a DJ's best friend, but can get too repetitive at times.
5. maybe an arp? i love my arps, that's why i put it there.

remember, these are suggestions, just to have you experiment more with the song.

I gave my 5 and 10 for you. I'm liking it.

DJ Derrick

btw check my new stuff out sometime. I think you'll notice the improvement :)

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DJ-VIZ responds:

Yeah I absolutly remember you lol... dandylions and what not... congrats on the minor record label....... as for your suggestions I somewhat agree with. More fx I agree, I mean I used a few, but I knew this song wasnt "meaty" enough, but honestly I got really tired with it...and once I had a full song down it was hard to go back in and add more fx because it just doesnt seem to fit once u think the songs complete...the bass - yeah couldve been more complex but it was a soundfront bass and offbeat is what they suit best... arps eh cudve been used, really wasnt needed

again thanks for the review, and yeah ill check your stuff out

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4.37 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2008
11:23 PM EDT
File Info
2.2 MB
2 min 28 sec

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