I Burn Bridges

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This is from our (relatively) new CD, The Swing of Things. Personally I'm not happy with the mastering job, but we got a huge discount, because we've got connections. :)

So enjoy 'I Burn Bridges,' and stay tuned after the song ends for our hidden track from the CD (Swing Thing, the CD's namesake), a special treat for anyone who cares enough to listen to us! It starts around 5:50, so you don't have to listen to such a long period of silence.

Also, our trombone player quit the band, and we're still breaking in the new one, so don't expect our next CD soon. But I'll probably upload more of our 2006/2007 CD in the near future.

Edit: If you want to vote zero, I'd appreciate a review letting me know why. We get plenty of good reviews, and that's great, but we want to improve, so don't be afraid to get ugly!


Good Stuff!!

I loved the little "In The Mood " insert!! and then your guys twist on it... Great song!!

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HyruleanHyroe responds:

Pleeease don't hate me for correcting, it's a weird thing I have, but it's "Swing, Swing, Swing."

"In the Mood" is still a great song, and I think it'd be fun to cover. And I'm very glad you liked it! It's a ton of fun to play. We like to goof around with things like that. With any luck, I'll be able to sneak our special foray into another musical genre here onto newgrounds, and see what you all think of that!


First time I have ever listened to ska and this is really cool! Keep it up!

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HyruleanHyroe responds:

Well I'm really glad you like it! Keep on listening, it's an awfully awesome genre. Hit up our myspace if you want, and definitely message us if you want any recommendations for more Ska bands!

Hey hey bay bay!

Nice dude, totally dance rock. Please forgive my ignorant self, what is ska? Is it skater?

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HyruleanHyroe responds:

Well, I'm sure there are some skaters who listen to it. But no, it's not skater-exclusive. There's a lot of variation within the genre, but generally there's an upbeat tempo, emphasis on the offbeats, ska chords (which I believe are just the top three notes of a major chord), horn lines, and walking basslines. Search youtube for Reel Big Fish. That's the easiest-to-find example I can give ya. Thanks for the review, and hopefully we've just made another ska fan!

i totally downloaded this song!

this is an amazing ska song dude. you guys keep up the good work!!


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HyruleanHyroe responds:

Downloads = awesome. Thanks for a refreshing and positive review! I needed that!

Ska? Not even close

What's with bands thinking they can throw some Trumpets and Trombones and think they're Ska. This is a Pop Punk sound with Wind Instruments and laughable lyrics to boot. Streetlight Manifesto is some real Ska for you kids to learn something from. Don't try that RX Bandits route of trying to break the mold. You'll fail, like them. Ska already has enough problems and this band is adding to it.

Wow, I was going to leave it from then but from 6mins to end that was just nothing but noise. Now i just feel sorry for the lot of you.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Not what I'd call a constructive review, but I'll respond nonetheless.

I'll agree with you, we're not true Ska, and I've made no attempt to hide that. You'll find I'm sure that I've said the same thing many times before. Streetlight, however, is further from true Ska then ourselves. It would seem you've never heard any of the real stuff, so I'd suggest checking out artists like The Skatalites, Desmond Dekker, Laurel Aitken, and The Upsetters. If we're pop punk with horns (and truthfully, I don't hear the pop punk part), then Streetlight is regular punk with horns. That's not to say they're not good, and that I don't consider them Ska. We all listen to Streetlight Manifesto, and enjoy their music.

As for breaking the mold, we don't expect to, and don't try to. I don't understand why you would compare us to 'bands that think they're Ska' and pop punk, but in the same review accuse us of unwanted originality? And how is drawing attention to a wonderful genre that is unfortunately almost dead adding to its problems? We don't add any more problems than any other non-professional band. We play for fun, and play what we like.

The bonus at the end, it is a lot of noise. You're right. Pity us.

It sounds to me like someone is a bit of a misinformed hypocrite. Not to label.

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