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The Infinite Monkey Ball

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Author Comments

Yeesh, I was cutting it really close to the deadline! I started this track shortly after the round began, yet didn't export the "final" track till today. I put final in quotes because, while I learned a lot of new things and pushed the threshold of my sound, I also ended up running low on time and energy as usual and saw a lot of my old flaws rearing their ugly heads again.

The most interesting feature of this track is the granular bass. In my last song I used a glitchy granulized version of the track as the intro. I wanted to expand more on that, so I experimented with throwing different samples into fruity granulizer. Eventually I landed on a bass that, with some knob fiddling and track flattening/rearranging (+ a bunch of effects), produced the basses. I honestly stumbled onto it by chance, so I was really excited when things started coming together.

But then I started getting into problems. I wanted to do a better job of controlling the low end this time by cutting the subs from the mid bass and adding a sub layer, but the loose unquantized nature of the bass pattern made it near impossible to make a sub that matched so I ended up with just a regular old sidechained sub. I'd experimented with things like using the fruity peak controller to let the mid basses control the sub bass, but there was a weird latency and overall the bass wasn't sounding right :( I DID use mid-side EQ for the first time, which is something I hadn't known about previously. I'm also being more liberal with sending my tracks through other busses to do things like keeping the reverb off the dry signal and making the main sub mono and clean but have a wider grittier layer.

The arrangement is also kinda doodoofeces, I focused on the drops and EQ for like 90% of the time and then struggled to do all the other things like intro, outro, break, b section, ear candy, drum variety, etc by the deadline. That's also why the calm break in the middle is so basic (uuuh I meant to say that the stark contrast from complex to simple is actually a reflection on how far I've come as a music producer orsomethinlikethatheuheuef).

I'm still producing on a borrowed laptop so even though I flattened things it was beginning to crunch quite a bit. I ended up not even using any izotope eq or any heavy plugins like that. The transitions were pretty rough too, I couldn't come up with any good fills or ear candy. This song was supposed to have like a hardstyle bit and then a DnB bit and there were a bunch of layers I had playing in my head as I worked on the song but never got the chance to get into the actual song like little vox things and stuff like that.

My bracket has some really good orchestral/cinematic entries so I fear this is the end for me lol but I had fun this year! I definitely want to keep working on this track but also I know if I do I'll just be tinkering forever until I ruin it so I might just let it rest. Hope you enjoy!

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I like the distorted texture at the beginning and the frantic beats at :09. The rhythmic content here is really creative, and the grating sound design and minimalism complement each other well. Some of your drum samples sound a tad generic, like the snare at 1:01, and I also think the lead synth at 1:26 could've sounded a bit more polished. The return of the frantic beats at 1:52 was nice, and you kept finding ways to add dynamism to the texture. The dreamy outro at 2:55 was a pleasant surprise too. Part of me wanted to see you integrate some of the atmospheric elements of the last 30 seconds into the section with the busy beat a bit more, just to make the arrangement of this piece a little less choppy. But overall, this is really compelling work, LN! Good luck in the ADM. ^_^

Official Review for NGADM Round 2 :

I'm not sure where to start with this, so I'll probably start with the basses since the song is focused around them.

While the sound design is good and the bass patterns are quite enjoyable, it felt like the "colour" didn't work well sometimes. The part also stretched out a bit too much for my taste, which made it feel repetitive. I think it would have worked better with some fills and maybe some more effects on the bass to make it more interesting.

I much preferred the part where the switch happens at 1 minute, though the transition to the next part could have been executed better.

About that emotional part at 1:26, I believe it would have worked much better if complemented by an emotional piano and probably some ambience and choirs (but the breath sound felt really nice). I also think the dnb drums at the end of it could have been implemented a bit better.

I might be wrong, but the track feels very experimental and messy, which makes it stand out more but also makes it harder to judge properly (I had the same problem with another industrial submission with harsh sound choice).

Anyway, this is a really good submission, but a little too repetitive for my won taste. Good job nonetheless !

Very cool. I like the break samples kinda phasing and going LR. Also damn I spent forever synth modelling but didn't get anywhere near this level of modulation. Very cool

Larry Nachos kills it again with a delicious industrial jam I love it ❤️ keep it up brudda

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4.49 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2022
6:14 PM EDT
File Info
4.8 MB
3 min 28 sec

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