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Old Projects (Jul2020-May2022)

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Author Comments

This track is a compilation of my forgotten projects. They were canceled due to poor sound quality, a lack of motivation, or time constraints.

The projects displayed were made between July 2020 and May 2022. The track includes a total of 57 projects.

You can ask me to finish whichever projects.


0:00 I think this is for a remix competition but I forgot which.

0:19 A piano arrangement for a friend of mine. It told a story of his unfortunate unrequited love with a classmate. It was only a plan. He didn't want me to complete it. Perhaps he'd forgotten the pain. Idk. I never understand love and shit.

1:45 An attempt to make psytrance, with Laur styles. It didn't go quite as expected...

2:58 Melbourne Bounce remix of Yuyuko Saigyouji's theme. I couldn't come up with any idea how to extend it.

4:03 1st attempt at making Revolution's drop.

4:53 JaZ's melody showcase. Trival: JaZ and JameZ are fictional.

5:28 2nd attempt at making Revolution's drop.

5:56 1st attempt at making Ebullient Grin's drop.

6:55 I think this is when I downloaded a shit ton of Sylenth1's banks and wanted to experiment with them. Plus, the melody from the second half popped up in my head right after I had a poop.

9:03 This is a BGM for my group's English presentation. It was damn fun.

10:08 Tropical House tryout.

11:42 1st attempt at making Nonchalant and Whelve's intro.

12:44 I was super inspired and hyped to make an intro like that of EastNewSound. It didn't sound too well...

13:22 2nd attempt at making Ebullient Grin's drop.

14:29 1st attempt at making JaZ's part in Revolution.

15:18 Riddim tryout.

15:25 Cyberpunk tryout.

15:30 1st attempt at making Your Faith's drop.

16:00 2nd attempt at making Your Faith's drop.

16:28 Can we please skip this? This is the cringest creature I've ever made. It was planned to be a PSY-inspired dance track. But for some reason, my rotten brain said I should add lyrics to it.

17:38 1st attempt at making Royal Clan's Chaotic Dance's drop.

18:29 An Electro House remix of Jack97's Đom Đóm.

19:58 1st attempt at making Hell is a key's drop.

20:12 Hybrid Trap tryout.

20:27 Devil's Recitation demo. Planned to be Melodic Dubstep. Later changed to Riddim.

22:44 A drop whose bass was made entirely out of Delay Lama.

22:58 Trap tryout.

23:38 1st attempt at making Devil's Recitation's drop.

24:04 Virtual Riot had completely blown my mind with his EP at the time. As I listened to Wallmonger (I know I was late stfu), I was astounded by the unique sound design. I quickly had an idea to make a drop.

24:12 All of my previous Big Room tracks were inspired by that one track by Martin Garrix. I wanted to make something greater. I lost interest afterward.

25:32 This was a project made for a Summer Challenge proposed by Oxie in the Resonate Discord server last year. It sounded horrible so I decided to submit Last Summer instead.

26:32 Ah yes... The 14th, the final, and the lost track of the Journey with Eastern Gang. It was a house track with singing. The lyrics are mainly about what the album's story is. And that's true. If you look back to all the titles and contents of each track in the album, it has a twist, it has a buildup, it has a climax, it supposedly has an ending, and it has every essential thing of a story. Now... the reason why I dropped the track is .......................drum roll....................... I got bored of Touhou.

28:24 This was when I started experimenting with my keyboard. All the melody and chords that you hear are done in one take. Of course, I did it separately, there's no way a guy like me could play with 2 hands at a time.

29:28 Another attempt with keyboard experimenting.

30:37 A dubstep remix of KARIK's Chưa Từng Vì Nhau. I'm not honestly sure why did I decide to make such a remix...

31:52 Jazz tryout. Heavily inspired by Tenshi Hinanawi's theme arranged by Active NEETs.

32:45 Just experimenting with odd time signatures and key changes.

34:14 I wanted to make an Eighto-styled track. The hype lasted for like half an hour.

35:00 Just like 32:45, except, I made the synth. Hell yeah baby, no more presets.

35:59 This track was inspired by King Crimson's Epitaph. The song was so good that I wanted to make a song like it. But just before I started adding the lyrics, I felt the track wouldn't come out sounding too good.

38:12 Except for the drums, everything is made out of... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

38:30 At this time around, Touhou 17.5 is out and it brought a brand new character Yuuma Toutetsu. So I wanted to remix her theme. But began to lose interest after a few hours.

39:35 Complextro tryout. I also learned that the chromatic scale exists.

40:52 I wanted to do something for the end of the year aka Christmas. Didn't want to continue. Nice little happy melody though.

41:33 Future House tryout.

42:21 Future Dance tryout.

43:24 I present to you... A dubstep drop (drums included) made entirely out of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) samples.

43:39 Another Cyberpunk tryout

43:49 This was made when the We Are Japanese Goblin meme was relevant. And of course, the stupid me went for a dubstep remix. I had made up my mind that this would be my last dubstep track.

46:16 Trance tryout.

46:49 The melody suddenly popped into my mind so I went into the studio and wrote it down quickly before it vanished forever. But afterward, I didn't know what to do with it. Minutes later, I decided to go down the VGM path. And I got stuck .-.

48:11 1st attempt at making actual Rock music.

49:05 2nd attempt at making actual Rock music.

50:04 Final attempt at making Big Room. I can tell that... Big Room isn't a genre for me.

50:36 After 2 attempts at making Rock, I decided to utilize it with EDM. It was a fun project but I didn't have any idea to extend it to a full track.

51:39 Instead of Battle Of Ships, this was the actual first track for the AIM competition. The art was about Doom Guy beating demons the shit out. The track was too short and I had no interest in extending it. It sounds kinda fun though. I might wanna use it for a future track.

53:41 This is a sad one, for me at least. This track was also for the AIM competition, made before Battle Of Ships, but alongside with I am but myself. The art was about Boyfriend from FnF facing four evil antagonists Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Doctor Eggman. Why are these four evil? Because they're from the Sonic.exe universe. Back to the track, after all the Rock experiences I had, I wanted to utilize them for something big. I was hyped to create it. I was. I had this big idea of a hardcore metal song that is inspired by Casey Edwards' Bury The Light. The problem was... I didn't know how to achieve such massive energy and quality. Right after I recorded the chorus, the hype just went down. Though I tried to fix it. I fixed the track until May. Everything still sounded terrible. This project slapped me in the face with a realization. I didn't have the talent, the skill, the mastery to make anything. "Nothing in my career has ever been good," I thought, "I don't know how to make music..." My hopes were broken and the project was soon left to die. Such a fool's errand... Did I mention that you can ask me to finish whichever projects? This one will be exceptional. Don't ask me to finish it.

Trivial: I never wanted to release "I am but myself", but I already promised the artist that the track would be "great" so... :v

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Aug 11, 2022
8:47 AM EDT
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