techno song: evil pickles

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W00t vote 5 peoples, the organ was sorta hard to incorporate but o well


Nice Stuff

Sounds pretty nice to me, the opening part of this I thought was good, it kind of sounded like switching radio station and then the rest of the sound is very clear and smooth through the who thing. Though I have to say I don't like some of the random beats in it where it then changes rythem after them.

Some parts work but others just seem to be a little eh and in my opinion do fit in with the who thing, not overly repetative which is good to hear. Ends pretty well but maybe it would be good to end the same way it opened but fading out.



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Wow, that really cool, oh yeah some parts needed some hard drumming after it (0:24 as an example), and i really didn't like the instrument that began at (0:59), but it was really nice, good job...

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glubgluby responds:

lol, ty, I don't really like hard drumming at the very beginning.. lol,

Damn...not bad

I love the opening, It seemed repetitive at the beginning until the instruments in the background picked up. But then once it reached the middle to close end the SFX got pretty sick. Then the ending sounded like it had nothing to do with the rest of the flow of the song. I got a little confused, it just seemed like you smashed two totally different songs together for an ending. I may not know the basics of techno, but the ending of this song confused me a bit, and that's why I had to take some points off, so I apologize.

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glubgluby responds:

by sick do you mean good or bad?
also, the song was ment to sortof shift at the end

4/5 and 8/10

- Good stuff -
A great range of beeps to shivers. There was many layers to this and many things going on which makes a great techno song.

- Bad stuff -
Towards the beggining there was brum beats whihc didn't flow with the other beat. More of a bass line would of improved this greatly.

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glubgluby responds:

yeah i tried, couldn't play a fitting base line,


I'm not that much into techno, but I think this one is quite good. You had a good rhythm in there and made use of different effects, thus adding a lot of diversity to the song.

Sometimes it seems as if some of the effects are pretty much out of beat, but somehow this makes the song interesting to listen to. It's always nice to see musicians experimenting a bit ;) .

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glubgluby responds:

experimentation is what makes music so cool!

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Dec 20, 2007
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