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Forget Me Not (A vent piece)


Author Comments

I've been feeling very weird and doubtful about myself lately, especially regarding music, so I did what I always do when I have a lot on my mind and arranged it into something tangible. I think everyone doubts themselves from time to time, but I can't seem to stray from the thoughts very easily this week. Either way, it felt good in a way to be able to arrange the thoughts in some way, even if it's on a digital score. I feel like every time I sit down to write I worry that what I'm doing isn't good enough, and about how when I try new ways of writing some people will say they think I'm better in one style than another, and it makes me worry that I'm most definitely not skilled or talented enough to branch out without it sounding bad, so I get all nervous and stop everything. I don't want to let myself get discouraged though, and I want to keep composing all different sorts of things and feeling happy and inspired.

The other day someone said they were surprised I wasn't an asshole because of the music I've made. I wanted to laugh because it's funny that I am 100% of the time the complete opposite- to the point that it took me yeeeeeears to even consider posting my work online. I think maybe my pieces may make it seem like I'm very confident in what I'm doing but I don't think I ever really am. (It is good to know that the insecurities don't show in what I make though hehe!) I avoided pursuing the hobby I enjoy so much because I was convinced I'd completely fail and hate myself more. In the end, I'm really happy to be working with people and actively pursuing a dream I've had for such a long time, but it doesn't make it any less scary to send work to people or post a song on here!

Anyway, that was my thought dump of the night! I'm not sure if it made sense. Either way I hope the song is somewhat pleasing, despite being a piano piece.

My favorite composer in the world had made a video chronicaling his journey in making music to the point where he is now. Every time I get down on myself, it's very uplifting to see how far someone can come! This is the video if anyone feels like checking it out :^)

Good night!

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If you dont want it used in GD why would you allow it to be used in GD tho

milkypossum responds:

The licensing for this song states that this work may not be used by anyone and I am also not on the list of users who allow their songs to be used on GD/for GD levels. Some people end up using my stuff for GD without permission from me or asking and I can't control that.

I can definitely relate.. Ive been producing for 6 years and until three month ago, I did not have much to run with. I got trash mixes I've kept on here from my first few projects back in 2016 to now, (with much improvement) to look back on. Been fighting a lot of self doubt from all shortcomings in life and adversity from others. For me producing is a way to escape reality sometimes.. Key thing is just consistency, passion, and a goal. Getting Frontpaged here was the hardest thing for me because I wasn't making good stuff and I sucked.

This is the first time in my life I wanted to put everything I got WITHOUT having any self doubts on my stuff cause I know I was always good enough and just kept working. Definitely relatable to you on fighting negative thoughts for a while and seeking value amongst what other people may see your work as. But eventually with personal growth, you will get to that milestone to where you can finally realize what you put out is a reflection of YOURSELF.

Also know as a human being you have the ability to freely create. And you don't have to conform to the box the world may try to fit you in. Don't compress your talent you have here.

" I think maybe my pieces may make it seem like I'm very confident in what I'm doing but I don't think I ever really am"

That's why music is great
it's a way to express your self in ways you otherwise wouldn't

It's... really familiar.
Sounds like blind hope.

I won't read this 50 km long text wall in description. I just say that this sounds like some psychodelic classic piece made by some weird guy in 12 century or something lol. I like it.

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Feb 8, 2022
1:29 AM EST
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