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Without Stress

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Author Comments

Day 11 of #Jamuary, this was made in 3/4 which is something that I haven't done before

Not really a full song, wasn't feeling it so i made it short. Working on 3 things at once while being limited by time is really stressful and I gave up on trying to make this of a higher quality (especially since I've only done 4/4 till now)

Let me know what you think, feedback is always appreciated!

Most importantly, hope you enjoyed:)

𝒲𝒾𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝒮𝓉𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈

Art made by me:


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Sick synths. That engine-like thing is really cool.

I get working in 3/4 can get tricky. I haven't worked with odd time signatures too much over the last 12 years, but I love using triplets when composing hi hat sequences. Maybe start there and see if it makes it easier to work in 3/4?

Cool beat!

Casper responds:

Thanks for the review. This song was made during a challenge where you had to make a song every day for the entire month of january, it doesn't really represent my music and i definitely don't like the sound selection and the melodies lol. I actually did attempt this again a day later after this song ( https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1103670 ) but I focused more on the song sounding good than the time signature.

What Quarl said haha

First off, great compostition, I really loved the track especially that revving engine sound <3

Honestly, I don't really know much about music production but I'll try to give some tips.
So like Quarl mentioned, it has a 4/4 feel to it, I think it's because you tried composing like you normally do, so even though you have 3/4 in mind your ears will naturally gravitate towards that 4/4 rythm that everyone's so used to cuz it just feels complete.

Here's what I recommend to get outside that way of thinking about rythms:

- you need to restrict yourself. Set the time signature in FL Studio to 3/4 and follow the grid religiously.

- Create a drum track that loops perfectly in 3/4. If you need help you can yoink the drum pattern in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWyjpSVy2PI) and also set your bpm accordingly. Once you get used to the 3/4 feeling it'll be easier to come up with your own drum beats in the future.

- Create a chord progression. Using 4 or 8 bars depending on your loop, add a chord for each bar.

- Create a simple melody using ONLY 2-4 notes per bar. If it sounds nice then tweak the melody some more and maybe add more notes. And repeat this process.

Also, look up music in 3/4 for more inspiration. :)

Casper responds:

Thanks for the tips, i'll try this again today if i can come up with some ideas for the chords and the melody lol

I hate to burst your bubble but I counted the drums in 4/4. Snare always falls on the third quarter note but that fourth pulse is still there. You can count this in 3/4, the pulse will eventually overlap 4/4 every 12th quarter note but I'm not getting a prominent 3/4 pulse out of this.

Time signatures can be a strange concept but I'm glad your trying it out. Writing stuff that divides time in ways your not used can lead to interesting ideas and new jams. Try 3/4 again, try to get the drums on a good triple "waltz." You can do it!

Wouldn't be fair if I left you on a critical note, the jam still funks nicely. Moody, chill, pro. Loved the birds, they always make wonderful pads. Just googled this for the musical trivia, birdsongs in music:


Birds have always informed our musicality so I'm always sampling them and noticing when others do it too <3

Casper responds:

Yeeeah i had to do the drum pattern several times due to weird rhythms and awful sound selection , i've been producing way too little to get time signatures haha. This was rushed, I'm working on some music for a video game and figuring stuff out for my album. Thanks for the review:)

edit: im counting.. 2/4? tf did i do this is a disaster, a chill disaster

Credits & Info


4.79 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2022
1:19 PM EST
File Info
3.5 MB
1 min 34 sec
  • FL Studio
  • Little AlterBoy
  • Kickstart
  • Sausage Fattener
  • RC-20 Retro Color
  • EchoBoy
  • Wider
  • Origin
  • Knock
  • PanMan
  • Crystallizer
  • BreadSlicer
  • Omnisphere 2

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