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Willow Super-fan turns into Pig - Audio

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Author Comments

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(Willow movie scene is playing and stops just a second too late as roommate enters)

C: Are you watching that scene on loop? So weird… I swear I heard you watching this earlier.

A: No! Well- (lying) Its for a report I'm doing on pre-CGI props and special effects.

C: Uh huh. Well, wear some headphones or something. I got friends coming over.

(door closes)

A: *sigh*

(scene resumes, quieter, right at the time the witch is about to cast her spell in the movie, she pauses it)

A: God I wish that were me… feeling my body changing under my clothes. Turning fat and feral… (louder) squealing and- *sigh* jesus, get ahold of yourself…

(scene resumes, witch casting her spell and the army turns)

A: So good… the effects, the attention to detail… I only wish the spell had affected Sorsha too… turning her beautiful daughter into-

(odd sensations, sfx slowly fade in)

A: what's under my…? I feel…

A: no, no… I'm freaking delirious, it can’t be a tail…


A: wha- (whisper yelling) Holy It’s a tail, I have a curly little pig tail! (laughter catches in her throat with disbelief)

A: I- I'm transforming! I have to be dreaming- Oh my god, okay- I have to do this right!

A: Ah- ouch, okay it actually kinda is… uncomfortable… ugh..

A: My fingers and- yes, my- my toes ow… merging into… hooves…

A: (her breathing is excited) what next- oh my god, if I wake up I'm going to be so fucking pissed- Augh!

(her back pops loudly)

A: I can feel the warmth spreading out through me, I'm shaking… my skin is… trembling…

A: Wait, I need to get the video to play again… these trotters are… ugh difficult… Queen Bavmorda, change me into a fat sow!

(the video resets replaying the scene)

A: (moaning, she feels it again) Ough… fuck… its making me… bigger…

(bones pop and flesh pulses and grows increasingly)

A: Augh… it feels… so good… ow… (moaning) teats pinching… can feel them down my belly… make me big…

A: Its fast… no, slow down… let me feel every inch of my humanity disappear, my Queen…

A: Its down in my… the heat is so intense… I could never imagine it before… the animal lust…

A: My hair is falling out… that means my face… oh god, this is really happening… change me- *snort*

A: *grunt* I'm stuck on all fours… these stumpy *snort* trotters… Can feel it pushing my face… ouuuuut *snort*

A: Big.… teef… ears… tickling me…

A: Ouugh.…*snort* Megan's gonna… freak… (strained chuckle) *voice deepens and words are broken by real pig sounds*

A: Just.. A bit… mor… ouggh… thnk yuu… (words devolve into gutteral grunts and snorts)

(scene continues)

C: (far away) holy fuck, there's a pig in the house!

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Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2022
1:01 PM EST
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3 min 50 sec

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