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Turing Machine


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Jabun – Generation Supernova


01 Supernova

02 Deep Space

03 Turing Machine

04 Voyagers


Following my improvised, semi-live, ambient and experimental 2nd album as Jabun – 15-4-20 (released December 2020), on the anniversary of its recording, I release my next experimental studio album as Jabun – Generation Supernova.


Generation Supernova is a 37+ minute collection of 4 tracks exploring generative music methods in the studio. Each track utilises a carefully designed system set up to generate a never-repeating and ever evolving soundscape which was conducted and guided to build an emotional and developing journey from the first note to the last.

Turing Machine was generated using 4 evolving sequences created by an initial input fed into a deck of cards and a coin flip acting as a very basic modular synth style Turing Machine. You can see the original handwritten manuscript including the sequences, generation rules, and more in this album’s bonus materials on Bandcamp & Patreon. These 4 generated sequences were then arranged for synthesizers to create an intensely building track accompanied by multiple layers of random arpeggiated heavily distorted electronic drums/percussion, additional orchestral and electronic percussion, as well as a carefully arranged string orchestration developing on one of the Turing Machine sequences for added harmonies and tension.

The hypnotic and minimalistic atmosphere of Turing Machine reflects the relentless and driving inorganic computations and calculations I’d expect from a complex machine, and being based around a Turing Machine inspired set-up, the title seemed rather appropriate.


All tracks written, performed and produced by Nick Standing [Jabun]

Recorded, mixed and mastered at JabunAudio by Nick Standing [Jabun]

Album artwork, images and photography by Nick Standing [Jabun]


For full album credits, special thanks and descriptions please visit the Jabun – Generation Supernova Bandcamp page:



A huge thanks goes to all my subscribers on Patreon past and present who keep my music going each month with special mention to the current $10+ patrons: Nathan Puray, and Michael White! Thank you all so much for your help and support in making these dreams a reality! You folks are amazing!


Jabun is Nick Standing and anything he can find in the moment to create his beloved chill / electronic / ambient / experimental music project. Keep up with his other musical endeavours and adventures on Patreon, the JabunAudio and JabunMusic websites, Facebook and Twitter.








Copyright Jabun 2021

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This was awesome. Imagine a full album like this hmm..


Jabun responds:

Thanks so much CD! Each track on the album is quite different with this being probably the least chill one :) Only a month left to wait until all is revealed!

really cool concept, and it definitely made some very great music! i love the panning synth that appears around 1:45, and the rest of the sound design is great too! the system produced some great compositions and melodies

i'll have to check out the album when i can

Jabun responds:

Thanks so much and I'm super pleased with the way it turned out too :) That panning part you mentioned was a Tr-808 Hi Hat being randomly triggered by an arpeggiator to either play open or closed, then heavily bitcrushed (if I remember right) and put through a panning flanger. Almost certainly some reverb/echo sends or inserts too! Happy you enjoyed it!

The album comes out in a month (on April 15th), but the Bandcamp page is open for pre-orders and has all the track descriptions and stuff if you want to explore. Hope you enjoy it when it's released, and I'll be uploading the rest to Newgrounds once a week starting mid-April. Take care and thanks again!

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Mar 15, 2021
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