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Wolf Village Sonata

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Author Comments

This is my entry for the NG 2021 Orchestral Composition Contest

The first movement dwelves into the curiosity of those who wanders into the wolf village, lead by either intrigue or deceit. Many wonders awaits those who enter such village they say. The second movement is much more tone down, quite melancholic, tune. It's the tragic end of those who got caught by the wolves and have only their remains as warning to others. The third and final movement is the grand escape, although you cannot outrun wolves with speed alone, you need to use your wits as well - and so the tricked must became the trickister!

As a brazilian I wanted to do something inspired by Villa-Lobos' work which consisted in meshing the orchestral and "classical" music genre with elements from brazillian popular/folkloric music. So to do that I did some online research into various brazilian genres, their harmony and rhythmin structure, and took one or two things that could work. Of everything I looked into, choro was probably the genre that most influenced this piece.

Originally I wanted to do something grand and epic.... And the pressure to do something that good made me barely do anything at all. So a week ago and had done some three melodies that I liked and tried to put they together.... But they didn't really mashed well together. At the point I thought, just a thought, what if I did a sonata? Lol right? That would be too much work just to fit this two pieces into one "cohesive" piece, the smart choice is to choose one and develop the idea until it becames a full fledged song!

...But no matter how much I worked neither idea fully deloveped into one song, all I had were two half-baked songs... SO logically the solution is to compose another one and call it a sonata! (But don't worry, despite having 3 movements all 3 work together to create one single piece of music, I swear!)

Anyway, Wolf Village Sonata, the sonata of the villages of wolves, such a misterious and dangerous place that lures you in, is the wonderful things promised by the wolves even real or is it pure deceit?

Included Instruments:

Strings (Contrabass, Cello, Viola, Violin)

Brass (Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet)

Woodwinds (Basson,Oboe, Flute)

Etc..-I MEAN PERCUSSION (Harp,Celeste,Percussion stuff)

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This is an official NGADM 2021 review upon request

I was a bit critical I can tell with your piece, since there was a few things that I found that I didn't like.

First thing I noticed is that the VSTs sound cheap, and this is what I knocked you down for the most. Now this doesn't mean I'm not going to give you a good score without you buying the most expensive VST out there, but there's stuff you can do to make your instruments to sound either 1) more human and better overall like good humanization or 2) go the opposite and make their fakeness part of the appeal (see Donkey Kong Country 2 OST). For the more realistic side, this video should explain what I'm talking about better


I probably could have scored a little better on the compositional and writing side, since you have some pretty recent writing going on closer to the end especially, but it took a while to get to the parts I liked, which is why I scored you lower on the structure side. I do like that you put some effort into developing your song a bit, but it went a tad long, and generally had parts that I think extended their stay a tad too long. However, this could also be some of the humanization issue coming back again. Like at 3:23 I really don't like the staccato cellos and violas. They sounded really flat and somewhat lethargic. A side question, for the rhythm that you have going on at the beginning, are the plucked strings supposed to have an inconsistent rhythm? I believe it's intentional, but you have the Celesta playing a normal rhythm at the same time and makes it sounds sloppy

The production side I was probably a little more harsh than I should be which I apologize, but it doesn't sound very clean. It's really muddy in the low-mid frequencies were a lot of the strings are at, and comes across with frequencies kinda harsh. Not too much to say on that though. With some EQing, and a tad more mixing that would be fine

While I probably didn't enjoy it as much, and I feel like by this point I've only had negative things to say sorry, but as I listen to it over a few more times the writing is definitely thoughtful. I think you had the unfortunate position of being one of the first ones I listened to and I was trying not to give everyone 7s and 8s. The writing is very unique, and fresh. It has a bit of a darker feel to it but aside from what I think are timing issues and some slight structure issues, it was really flowing.

So if I could sum it up to a few details, humanization is the biggest issue, and would solve a lot of the feel that I don't like. This has the potential to being a really fun journey to embark on, but it's a little off putting to my ears to the point I had a hard time settling in. You are on the right track, and even if you don't change the what you've written and just work on what would contribute to the production quality of the piece, this would shape up to be a nicer final draft I think and one you could be proud to show off to other people as well.

TebyTheCat responds:

What a great review, thanks!
That video you linked was really good, even though I don't use reaper it was very informative and I understood stuff about humanization I didn't know much about before

The polyrhythm I did in the beggining was based off a rhythmic cell of Maracatu I found while searching some rhythms online

Sounds like something that would be in Luigi's Mansion 2 for some reason.

Sounds like it could be a Zelda dungeon theme.

Proper good and theatrical really love the tone you achieved

reminds me of don't starve music haha

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4.52 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2021
7:00 AM EDT
File Info
5 MB
5 min 26 sec

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*Please contact me if you would like to use this in a commercial project. We can discuss the details.