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Love lost in time


I have to re-upload some of my artwork in places, putting my signature on them. Too many people are selling my artwork as theirs and I'm trying to tone down the theft of my artwork and try to get more awareness that these are my paintings, and not to buy from stores online that probably won't even send the art you're buying.

Please support me here; https://twitter.com/ZakugaMignon

This moment is to capture Vincent's reunion with Lucrecia in the crystal cave. This love story, always makes me sad. Lucrecia does love Vincent, but because of her guilt of Grimoire (Vincent's father) death she feels like she doesn't deserve to be happy with Vincent. She keeps her guilt about Grimoire, and ends up with Hojo as an escape. If you've played DoC you can see how miserable she is. After Lucrecia loses the man she loves Vincent (because Hojo shot him), and losing her child Sephiroth, Lucrecia commits suicide. Turns out Lucrecia now has to live with her sin forever, Hojo implanted Jenova cells into Lucrecia and she can't die. Vincent loved Lucrecia more than anything, his timeless visits to her now grave prove that. Sadly Vincent will live forever with Lucrecia without being able to hold her, past all human life, past the ending times. He has to live with the burden that he couldn't save Lucrecia from suicide while he was in urgent care, he could only hear and watch over the months Lucrecia slowly became so miserable that she killed herself.

Fun Fact;

In the book The Case of Nanaki it says that after all human life is gone, Vincent and Nanaki meet once a year in Midgar to visit.

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This looks familiar

This is great, nothing much else I can say
The way the drapes and cape flows. The contrast in texture from the smooth covers to the sharp edges of the roughed up cape.

That love story is actually very bittersweet. It was told in Dirge of Cerberus, eh? It’s a shame I never enjoyed that one’s gameplay, it sounds like the story is actually very well written, a bit surprising considering Square Enix was starting to get in the bad habit of writing some very confusing and cringe-worthy stories for their RPGs around the mid-2000s. Or maybe your art just makes everything about Dirge of Cerberus look better than it actually is. Great job, and I’m really sorry about the art theft.

nice story but I have no idea which vidya is it

Can't stand thieves.
This is amazing work.

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4.73 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2021
7:40 PM EST
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1133 x 723 px
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