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Dark Wild West Character Faces


Tantum Aurther; The Angel
Gone blind from early Childhood saving his sister, Tantum is lead now by the Goddess of Justice, Justitia. He had never learned to use weapons, thus in his training alone he learned to hold his gun upside-down, he has been endlessly told by his partner Alicia how to hold a gun when he joined the Sheriff’s department, but his years of training with it this way gives him a nostalgic scene of purpose. Tantum is a Lawman known as The Angel, but is there more to him than just the nickname?
Tantum is Latin for Just, and goodness.

Alicia Bloomfield; The Cyborg
Each limb was ripped off her body from a horrible betrayal, Alicia was rescued by Tantum. Since then Alicia has never left his side, however Alicia has questionable morals. Will she follow a path of revenge or take a higher path of forgiveness following Tantum?

Amelia Clovis; The Silent Killer
A woman of few words and even fewer belongings, except for her dual pair of silencers she carries in a briefcase at all times. Sold into slavery at a young age she has never known compassion. When a conflict happened at her current masters fearing for her life she grabbed his guns and killed him and has never put down the gun since. She is now known as the for-hire sharp shooter Silent Killer.

Matoskah; The White Bear
After half her clan was murdered in the night she is now left with no father and her sisters taken into slavery. Fighting to claim her land and get back her sisters Matoskah woke an ancient power within her people. Every step is drove with pure impetus and catalyst. She not only wishes to get what is hers back, but she also needs to discover what the ancients are and how to use this lost power. Because of her uncommonly powerful little body she is known as the White Bear.
Matoskah; Native American Sioux name meaning "white bear"

Nascha Macha; The Aurora Owl
An ancient from Matoskah's clan. He has come back to protect and serve the new wielder of power, Matoskah. He bares unfathomable power yet cannot wield its full potential until Matoskah can unleash the ancients. Nascha has already acceded once before hundreds of years ago, taking shapes of the sky at night and flying over all, thus Nascha is known at the Aurora Owl.
Nascha meaning owl in Navajo
and Macha meaning Aurora in Sioux

Regnon Serritas; The broken one
Regnon (Re-none) Being a simple merchant’s wife with 2 children she travels with her caravan selling goods. However, her husband had a temper and when sells did not go well; her and her children were the object of his outrage. Regnon protecting the children during one of his outbursts broke her ankle crippling her. On their way to the next town the caravan was crossed by outlaws. Killing, burning, and taking all their goods and women Regnon’s husband was murdered. Seeing her two children getting taken away she tried to go to them but could not move quickly due to her new wound. She was grabbed and chained in the back of an outlaw caravan, finding a butcher knife she cut her leg off to get out of the chains to reach her children. Stumbling out of the back she picked up a musket from a dead merchant and used it as a crutch. Walking through the camp in flames she saw her children, both dead in the center of the road. This spurred her into a rage of which she had never known picking up every gun within sight she shot and killed 10 outlaws before being caught and brought back to their camp. Where She eventually escaped, but not before she got the name herself the broken outlaw.

Amit Manomay; The strong of heart
An orphan stealing to survive in the harsh back allies no one else dares to travers. Doing odd jobs for any takers for money he gets caught up in the wrong crowd and having to deal with the Vallicious he is saved by a mysterious yet lonely Regnon during an encounter with the Vallicious. Regnon tells him to “take care because his eyes hold power”. Amit follows Regnon for days and eventually returns the favor and saves her from an ambush. Together they travel for Regnon’s redemption and vengeance, while Amit unlocks his potential.
Manomay is Hindu for "winner of hearts"
Amit is Hindu for “the endless, boundless"

Vallicious; the destroyer
Creatures of many shapes and forms of fallen souls from the inferno come back. Burdened with eternal pain and unworldly bereave, they travel and destroy all they see and encounter. Some have the consciousness to hold conversations and tell their story, however, very little can see past their bereave and cannot grasp compassion any longer. Thus many are known simply as The Destroyers.
I never see female monsters in games, and when I do they are usually spin-offs of a normal woman form or at least the top half of the body. Thought this would be a good opportunity to draw a more female inclined monster / not medusa monster.

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Gotta respect the world building to accompany the art, really adds a whole other dimension to it.

Wow nice

I really love how you have a "GROUP" of characters here nice deep textures and color tones and good details I could see you making some sort of web comic out of these guys, You have some very nice efforts and ofcourse most impressive details some things could be touched up but thats not too much to be honest. This was pretty Grand and Mythical my Overview Appropriately shows that you have great talent that puts you in the Spotlight and you have an Energetic and creative style about this piece and all of your art pieces. So besides all that said it was a nice entry to have seen and review keep up the brilliant efforts.

I could see you making some sort of web comic out of these guys


Such dark backstories,I would love to see a game with these characters,one where you switch between each character's story,and the choices you make change the events and ending for each character. Good job.

Really cool how you've taken the meanings for the names from not just one but multiple languages here, and even Sioux! Seems unusual. Each character's rife with personality already in the image, but the descriptions really add a lot, and all seem to have a personal loss or tragedy in their pocket. Amelia seems familiar... guess you might've posted some of these before? Also if this is for a game, comic, something else...? Seems interesting! Nice work.


Zakuga responds:

No they were an art challenge to come up with the quickest coolest characters in a Wild West theme. So these aren’t drawn very well, but thought out well. Lol

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4.74 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2018
5:33 AM EDT
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