It's-a me, Mario!


"A good soldier follows orders, but a true warrior wears his enemy's skin like a poncho."
-"MAD DoG" Mattis

You can see that Mario at level 99 wears and uses his enemies weapons. For example, he now uses Bowser's shell as his mighty shield and Bowser's horns as his trophy and proof that he has defeated King Koopa. And he uses a powerful Chain Chomp to chomp down his enemies to pieces and also stole a cannon because it's fun to blow things up. Yoshi has just went through puberty so you can ignore him.

Artists I referenced:

mid-development screenshot [ http://sta.sh/01m3a9ctb5a1 ]

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This is so scary but awesome at the same time.

Now this is a live action Mario show I'd watch!

Like in other reviews said you copied different designs from other artists like dessin dan luvisi and Mpuncekar extremly similar. If everybody just draws the epic designs from professionell artist it would destroy the fun of the competition. In this case they also feel to need copiing to have a chance. And like Jazza said its about creativity and fun. It looks really stunning but i cant ignore this fact.

This is very well rendered, but some of the shortcuts are a little too visible and there are some texture mishaps here and there.
This is very pretty, but in terms of the contest this was made for, I personally do not find this concept very imaginative nor creative. Let's be honest here, it's been done before by hundreds if not thousands of artists. Other than the horns on Mario's head, I don't see too much unique about this concept. It's nice that you sourced your reference, but there is such a thing as too heavily referencing another's artwork and style. It's fine to be inspired, but in the future, take the steps to make things your own. There are so many Yoshi tyrannosaurus rexes out there, but I like that the interpretation depicted here is a lot less skeletal (much less Jurassic Park) than some others.

Yenba responds:

Thanks for taking the time to type all these. However, I do have to say that it is pretty hard to make something unique when you're trying to redesign something very very well-known. Because just like you said, "it's been done before by hundreds if not thousands of artists"

I apologize if you don't see lil 17yr old me as someone creative and imaginative. But as an artists, I will do whatever it is that I want to do.

I LOVE this art, and is 110% worthy of the level 99 challenge of the month, and I hope it at least gets featured in his video, thank you for making such amazing art and I wish the both of us good luck in this contest

Yenba responds:

Likewise. Thank you so much :)

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4.73 / 5.00

May 20, 2017
8:32 PM EDT
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