Harry Potter and Secrets Veil


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Here's the link to my progress shots on instagram. If you interested in scifi and fantasy art give me a follow @Captain_Cornwallis.


This illustration was created using prisma color, and copic markers. Lining was done with Micron 0.5, 0.3, 0.1, 0.005. Near the end of the process I detailed a lot with a white jelly roll pen, and prismacolor pencils. I finished the work by scanning the document and adding final touches and value corrections in photoshop CC 17.

In the books Harry kept the Elder Wand, with it he reaches great feats of magic. It increases his skill and in his hands unlocks magic that was never before seen even in the wizarding world. During a class reunion at Hogwarts, Harry stepped out for some air and was looking into the stars. Powers granted to him by the wand emerged as he gazed into space, and Harry could see an invisible barrier, the veil between world. "Alohamora." Harry spoke, pointing the Elder wand out towards the veil. It unlocked a doorway, a path to another world. Adventure called to him and Harry Invited Ron along to share in this discovery. The two mounted brooms and flew through the opening and emerged to a land far away from there own. They met with a very different kind of elf. Tall and elegant, a far off contrast from the house elves of the wizarding world. His name, Lord Elrond, the leader of the elves, and wises kind man. There were many other Strange people there. A few that really stood out were a dwarf called Gimli, woodland elf Legolas, several men, one named Aragorn, and the other Boromir. Oldly enough there was also a wizard in this strange company. Gandalf, and elderly gentleman with staff instead of a wand. Harry and Ron were excited to meet him. He too was astonished by the doorway, and began studying it. Lastly four pint sized people called hobbits were there to. Harry, and Ron became good friends with two of them. Frodo and Harry hit it off well, sharing stories of the trials they have faced, and victories they've won. Ron taught Sam to play Wizards Chess, but after whipping Sam twelve times in a row Ron gave him a break. Harry Teaches Frodo to fly a broomstick, and takes him across the veil to see Hogwarts. New threats await now that these two worlds have been connected. Fate will test them when the walls of space and time for both Middle Earth and the Wizarding World begin to collapse.
If you like this commentary check out my Instagram page. I am an author and an illustrator working on a full length illustrated novel. Please like and follow both there and here on Newgrounds to stay up to date on the progress of my book.


This piece has something intriguing in it though I first was a bit confused with it. Maybe it's the story you wrote that threw me into the scene!
There're some details that I would've fixed before inking, like size of Ron's head and how old Harry and Frodo look. Those are minor things next to all the good things though! I really like how you draw fabrics for example! There're loads of other details too which look really nice, like the chessboard, and also pretty nice color palette used. The veil could have more depth perhaps... So that it was clearer that it's another world there.
You're on the right path with it for sure! :)

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