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The Anonymous Anima Machkra


Well this is my largest submission to Matt's Competition for the New game hes making...
in about a year...
ANYWAYS hope you like it and for all those wondering what that is on his forehead, it's Japanese, but your all gona have to figure out what it means.
made in 3ds max

the body of the white colored character portrayed with a question mark on his face is a Male Adolescent Tutorial Model made by artist Marius Silaghi; a very talented 3D modeler. All i did was smooth the body using meshsmooth and replaced the head with my own creation. The hair is mine as well for i have documented proof.

also a major thanks to the help of kdanielss from deviantart for photoshoping the four images together and still looking sweet as anything i could imagine!


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why you whrite"no name" on his forehead

VidGameDude responds:

Pretty self explanatory...


I love the design, this took alot of work and the poly count must be massive, I dont think my computer could actually handle that model if I tried loading it! XD
Completely interesting to look at, love it.

VidGameDude responds:

Not really, the poly count is actually fairly moderate (138,392)
Yes its is large for a video games but then again i've seen people do insane shit going past 2 million so i feel like i've done good to some degree.

nice work

I like the details added to the halo, like the metal flames and the twisting geomtry that is circling the figure with the question mark

VidGameDude responds:

Thanks Mc, yeah it got honorable mention at a (Rigged) art gala competition.
So not much to say but it's going towards Matt's EBF4.

Appreciate the review!


You are wrong about Anonymous.

Before I continue, I wish you luck on the following TL;DR.

I won't be able to explain it entirely, since, clearly, I have an identity. First off, if you've been hearing about some "philosophical preaching" Anonymous have been doing, you've been listening to a falsifier. Anonymous have one philosophy: lulz. Anonymous are horrible trolls. Anonymous show a side I like to call "Freudian Testimony". Anonymous pretty much finds all human nature incredibly hilarious, but I see a pattern of obsession over sex and aggression. This showing of secret human nature may be the philosophy Anonymous shows, but they don't stick to that either.

Anonymous does not dedicate to anything. They may seem organized, but it's mostly a loose and varying confederation of trolls, hackers, nerds, losers, teens, and Fredrick from down the street. To become Anonymous, you must become anonymous. That is, give up your identity for any association. Once Anonymous, Anonymous will welcome you, but at the same time they may be setting trojans in your computer. Also, once Anonymous, you need not do what Anonymous may be "doing". Still, again, it's natural for us to follow the crowd.

Anonymous is not some terror groups. Terrorism has a goal in mind. Anonymous doesn't. All they are is all for one, divided by zero. The beauty behind Anonymous is their pure instability. As you may know, instability is the essential nature of chaos.

Of course, I may be wrong. Still, what's the fun in being entirely right?

VidGameDude responds:

Well there is one thing i have in common with them and sadly it's the dislike for the cliche, predictability and unpredictability of human nature...well that and free information but i'm unsure how to respond to that part of them.

Humans are flawed yes, anonymous use this as there backbone while the legs are held up by the many anonymous who so wish to be anonymous; the armatures and hands are the strings at which they use to make others dance finger and toe with the knowledge of human faults and successes. This leaves the skull or the Nerve Center for an organization that has no leader but an icon of a faceless man in a suit who announces the anonymous to thee anonymous.

Though i don't view the faults and ticks of human nature out of hate and spiting revenge, i see it as a chance to forgive and stray from the nasty temptations such as lust, pride, greed, envy, gluttony, sloth, and the worst, wrath.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not devoted to religion but the terms are best i can explain.

Though sin is viewed through religion, anonymous view this as a truer advantage in example of manipulative emotional puppetry.
Im trying my best not to accuse them of wrong intent, it's what i see hear and then compare notes, but they simply doing what they want to do because anonymous can.

it's very very interesting...
but i still see it as there is a mastermind behind the puppet master.

I think of Anima as a leader because of his Animosity towards the cliches of human, because i've seen and known people to hate themselves because of the pegged stereotypes that all humans are unredeemable because of the imperfections we face. Even if Anima had surrendered his humanity, in the end he still is a human, maybe not mentally, or socially but forever physically or maybe even then if he isn't, "He was..." that's why i gave him this mask of laced gold trimmings along side a polished semi-saturated porcelain face.

But by surrendering your humanity and stripping your identity, they can achieve, as some humans wish, which is one simple thing that can't be possible unless you have a way to combat every fault.

A faceless perfection...

Being anonymous allows you the perfect way to "Redo" anything without consequence, to command and army without mutiny or awol.
maybe i'm wrong but that's my take on anonymous.

To distain and stray for the imperfections and disgust of humanity to be something far more, something that is beyond human nature.

Funny thing is that in the tales of old christianity.
Satan despised humans due to God's all forgiveness to those who wish to repent even when they faltered more than the fallen angel himself.
how ironic...

I'm not sure at this point but i'm probably rambling on...

Yet still to this day anonymous is quite the interesting thing.
Even though it's near close to the way i think of not being lured into the cliches of human failure; i will only respect an opinion if it does not harm anyone physically, mentally, or corrupt the choice of free will.
In the end though, there is no right or wrong, it's all perception. they use this to their advantage of those who try and argue it's true definition; furthering the fact they exist, and that their legion is to be expected.

in a nut shell i feel neutral in opposition to them.

thanks for the review.

A "what" now?

This is Japanese?

It's not the sun goddess is it? Cause I thought she was supposed to look more like a human with white skin holding a mirror.

Well...it does look cool. Good job with your 3D art skills. It's perfectly symmetrical. It just needs some tarnish buffering here and there to add realism and age.

Is it difficult illustrating in 3D?

VidGameDude responds:

first, no this isn't the sun goddess, what inspired me was to imagine what the leader of the cyber group known as anonymous would look like cause of all the mystery they have. Many believe they are beautiful on the outside what with their philosophical preaching and what not; but underneath the masks they have created they hide the ugly truth yet to those who follow it is nothing but legion and beauty even though they remain unknown.
it's quite hard to explain but they have always intrigued me to no end...

also it somewhat is a menial task that takes patience to even begin a concept.
about a week to build, and day or two to think up how textures would work well with the built creature. also i still need osuka to teach me lighting and better render techniques...

but wow, never thought you'd leave a review for my work...thanks!


Credits & Info

4.70 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2011
10:26 AM EST
3D Art
File Info
2235 x 1788 px
1 MB

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