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4.43 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2010 | 8:04 PM EDT
3D Art
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1280 x 1024 px
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Author Comments

Hey guys, vid again

and had to re upload this due to submission errors
well here's my second submission to robot day 2010

o and thanks to MindChamber for resolving the problem ( thanks man you rule!)




Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Bad textures

A good render and few new materials would've fixed it.

VidGameDude responds:

its the best render option max could be put at...


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A bit odd.

Maybe it's me, but I found this submission odd. It's probably just your style, but I found odd like I said, but also out dated. Almost like a pre 2000 computer game that didn't pan out. I mean it's a nice character design, but it lacks the depth that you would expect out something really good. Meh, it's just one guys opinion, but I don't like this submission.

VidGameDude responds:

that's ok i accept your opinion.
i understand it the environment in which the bot is in. for you see i cant texture that well but only for models.

i mean since i've only been using 3ds max for about 10 months.

but again its ok, thanks for the review.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Over All Good

Comparing this to your angel since the two are related, I feel that less time was spent on this one than was the last. The biggest reason I say this is due to the lack of detail in the midsection. The last one was teeming with extra random detail. The second thing that leads me to say that less time was spent on this robot is the stretching of the material on the dark underside texture and on the hammer.
I noticed on Beelze-Bot that you kept consistent with some of the reflective parts. It is difficult to tell the proper reflective parts from due to some distraction from the background. Speaking of the background I am noticing some perspective issues with the ground plane that your robot is standing on. The first thing to be noticed is how flat the plane looks it really could have used a good solid bump map to bring out the texture of the plane. I know this doesnâEUTMt seem much like an issue, but it slightly damages the overall with breaking the illusion of depth. Also the robots legs donâEUTMt fall back in to the perspective as well. I understand that might be hard to fix especially if the original ground is a rendered jpeg that was dropped in.

Design wise this isnâEUTMt too bad, it seems like a strong, vile bot that would oppose your other crafted machine. The overall appeal has a more sinister feel. Starting with the chest spikes, although small they are a good solid touch to the design. This followed by the bipedal legs switched for the more spider look again just adds to the feel of less human creature. Lastly the claws present a cold unfeeling dose of madness to the beast.
Other than some mapping stretching and some perspective issues I still think this is a decent model. Thanks for uploading a large image right off the bat.

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VidGameDude responds:

again thanks for a review dude!

yes this one piece unfortunately would not cooperate with UVA texture mapping or bump mapping. for reasons unknown i did the best i could and yes i did rush it cause im leaving in 2 days and i have to pack stuff and plan out and what not.

anyways i tried to make a more sinister feel to it and i apologize once more for the lack of detail but i cannnot texture for my life.

though i really deserve a 6/10 from you, i thank you on being lenient to me.