Killer Teddy


I made this for the 3 Colour Collab.

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Not but seriously, this looks really cool. I love the style of it in general, the colour choices...maybe not so much a teddy, but there's definitely something in this picture that creeps the living hell out of me; it's very stark, and SO effective for that. So...yes. I really like this.

To be slightly more constructive for a moment...I'm an art n00b, so sorry if this makes no sense, but I love the way that instead of conventional shading you've used the colour of the outline and just roughed it up a little; scribbled it further into the body to both give it dimension and emphasise the creepy look further. And you've also got the occasional spat of hashing, which kind of makes me think that he's a little worn-and-torn, maybe that he has indeed been in a fight and killed someone.

The use of the lighter green also works well for this; you've got it as a kind of shading for the back skulls, but also on the skull and right arm, so it almost gives the illusion of blood? Or at the very least, distress; the jagged lines around the left eye really add to the quietly-manic nature of his face.

The few criticisms I have concern the outline itself; it is a bit off in points; the right shoulder's outline gets a lot thinner just before it disappears into the background skull, the left shoulder's just slightly broken up, the top-right corner of the skull sticks out, and the left foot's outline looks very thin when compared to all the others. And the lines coming out of the arms that I'm guessing were meant to simply be creases from the armpit at a little odd, maybe just because the one on the right shoulder sticks out much further than the one on the left. You're probably thinking this is being nitpicky, and you're probably right, but that's really all I could think of to criticise this. OH! Finally; the lips are almost too odd. Yes, they creep me out, but they seem too unrelated to the rest of this...the rest of this being a killer teddy with fly eyes...I don't know, maybe just take a second look at this.

All in all though, I can't really fault this. 10'd, 5'd.

-Review Request Club

thies responds:

Thanks for the review! Indeed the outlines are a bit sloppy, like I said before, I'm just too lazy to edit this drawing. I'm glad you liked it so much!

Weird lips

Hmm, with the way that this piece looks, I think that you've got some pretty decent preconceptions about how you wanted the piece to turn out. The one thing that I would say looks out of place is the lips for the teddy. It doesn't look like a mouth that people tend to associate with plush toys like you have drawn. Perhaps a cat mouth would have suited it better?

I like the detail by criss crossing the colours over and making shading from a combination of the scribbles there. It seems to have a nice effect, but this does go a little astray, when you consider the shading that happens nearer the back of the piece. I think what needs to be established is where the light source or sources are located, so that you can shade better.

[Review Request Club]

thies responds:

Thanks! About the lips.. well he doesn't really have lips, I think what you mean are his teeth

I liked it

The art is very self- explanatory, but it doesn't seems to be a teddy, and it's not a killer one, because it just have some skulls in the ground, you could be more creative, but, anyways, the art was very well drawed, that's a very nice thing to look, it even made me laugh...

The skulls are so well drawed, the shading technic you used is simply awesome, this gave the kind of dark feel to the drawing, it just made it nicer.
The teddy's face is very nice, too, the eyes made me feel a bit of fear, that is a psycho look... Awesome!!!

I just think that the teddy could have a knife full of blood, because it would really give the killer feel, and it could have a background, like a door or a window, it would only made the drawing even better...

I'm givin you a nine because you could use more criativity, and the drawing could win a 10!! Keep it up!!

(Review Request Club)

thies responds:

Thanks for the review. I could have been more creative, but I couldn't use red for blood because I only had to use 3 colours. So I wasn't really able to make a knife with blood on it.. Next time I'll try to add a background.


Well this was notbad, the color was an odd choice, the desigm was interesting even cute at times, this is kinda simple but its nifty aswell, it seems like its lacking something i would slap some borders on there somehow

As stated i would put some borders with the darker green tint


thies responds:

Thanks. With borders you mean like thick outlines? yeah that could be nice :)

Title is misleading

Well, I don't see a teddy in this picture at all, but a childrens doll, all right.

Anyway, I like the idea behind this. Creating a picture with only three colours is interesting and I like the result you came up with.

However, the background still looks a bit bland, maybe some shadings there would look better, or some lines that could resemble a door.

{ Review Request Club }

thies responds:

Thanks :). Yeah I was too lazy to draw a background..

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Aug 20, 2009
10:12 AM EDT
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