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L+M - L+M's Story Part 1


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Jul 27, 2012 | 12:43 PM EDT
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Author Comments

This is the second cutscene of the L+M Game in the first Level called L+M's Story.
L+M's Story Part 1: Their Story

Lindsey and Meddy look around at the group of Guardians around them. They obviously are giving the two characters any way to escape. The Story behind why they fight at certain points is what they want to know.

Meddy says "Do you truly wish to know our story? It's not much to tell the truth."

Megaman Zero 3rd yells "Yes, we want to know the story! Why would we ask for it if we didn't?!"

Crystal Violet says "Calm down, Controlled Omega. We need to keep this very peaceful."

Lindsey says "I have only one question: Why are we doing this in Fay's Room?"

Fay says "Because I got my computer to detect if you're lying or not."

Lindsey says "Well I started my career of being a nurse when I turned 21. At that day, I didn't have meddy yet. One day, I was walking to the hospital I work at and what I happened to find was Meddy's Bio-Metal. I didn't know if I should turn it in since I couldn't get it to work. After work at home, I was eating dinner when I hear someone getting hurt by something. I ran toward it and found that a Maverick was killing all the humans in my area. I needed to run but I couldn't leave the people around me hurt. I ran toward them to patch them up and then the Maverick went after me. Then suddenly Meddy's powers activated and she was able to form her own body. She protected me but it still wasn't enough to defeat the maverick. Then I decided to grab her hand. That's when something amazing happened."

Megaman Axl says "What happened at that point?"

Van says "First, is it all the truth so far?"

Fay says "Yes, Every last bit of it."

Vanessa says "Wow. Now how about we continue the story?"

Meddy says "Well, the thing that happened was we combined into a new type of being called A Humloid. That type of being happens when a human and Reploid are perfectly synced and combine together in one being. The Maverick was surprised by the transformation and didn't know what to do. Surprising even us, we were able to use my signature attack plus the attacks of my homeworld called the Battle Network. We were to destroy the Maverick and heal all the humans. People cheered for us and called us their heroes. That's when we decided to fight against whoever hurts the least innocent people. That only began our journey against whatever we were fighting. There still was a bunch of other things we needed to battle before we can take a break for a while. We didn't want to side with someone and so we became neutral battlers."

Then Fay checked the computer one last time and it all appeared to be true.

Then Meis says "Well, that's a interesting story. It is also well proven but we have to prove the fact that the Humloid type of being exists in battle."

Then Topaz suggested "How about a little battle simulation to see if it's true?"

Lindsey says "We will accept that if we get to choose our opponent?"

Controlled Omega says "What would you choice be then?"

Vanessa: Is it ok if I be your oppenent?

Van: Huh?

Crystal Violet: You sure about that, Vanessa?

Vanessa: Yeah. *smiled*

Lindsey: actually to be able to create the Humloid form, we need to be in great peril. That puts the fight having to be the fighter we wish to face. We wish to face Crystal Violet because she is the strongest here because she's a Zeploid.

Megaman Axl: Wow that's going to be tough.

Megaman X: Well then, do you accept that Challenge, Crystal Violet?

Crystal: hmm..if that's the case, I accept it

Fay: let's do in my stimulation room. It's in the training area